New Kobe bryant Music Mixtape: The Kobe Bryant RapTape

We here at PicassoBaby wanted to make a special mixtape. Not just any other mixtape for just anybody, but someone special. Someone who today is still missed by alot of people around the globe. Kobe had a short lived music career. His only album was shelved and has since not be released or leaked (other than one or two songs) and that was it for his career as a musician. Kobe really took it serious. He wanted to be Will Smith or anyone else of similar stature. Kobe wanted to be a headlining act on and off the basketball court. We tried and tried to secure his famous unheard shelved album, but we kept running into dead ends. We can’t say that it will never happen, but it will be a while before we do get our hands on it. We are still trying! So instead, as a tribute to Kobe, we created a music mixtape of all his recordings. We have including a song in which Kobe played for Vanessa on the piano, his uncredited song with Shaq that he did at 19, his first big feature with Destiny’s Child, his first single with Tyra (the actual single and the live version) and even the original version to it that you probably never heard. So here it is everybody………by the way Kobe we still miss you.

  1. Thug Poet featuring 50 Cent, Broady Boy and Nas
  2. K.O.B.E. featuring Tyra Banks
  3. Say My Name (Remix) featuring Destiny’s Child
  4. Kobe Plays Moonlight Sonata
  5. 3x Dope featuring Shaquille O’Neal
  6. K.O.B.E. Live featuring Tyra Banks from All Star Game 2000
  7. Kobe Rapping in Italian
  8. Philly Live featuring Black Thought, Broady Boy and Beanie Sigel
  9. Hold Me (Remix) featuring Brian McKnight and Trackmasters
  10. Let Me Know Featuring Tyra Banks (K.O.B.E. Original Version)

Watch and listen now on Youtube:

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