10 Albums Cash Money Records Never released

Have you ever wondered what Baby and Slim are hiding in their vaults that they won’t share with the fans? We have wondered about it for a long time, and even though we don’t know everything that’s in there, we do know about these 10 albums.

500 song vault- This one is a few years old by now, so you can put this with the rest of them in the Cash Money cemetary. Back in 2017 Birdman said he was digging into the vault and was going to do a surprise drop of 500 previously unreleased Cash Money songs. He didn’t say who was on it or any names of any tracks, just that it was coming soon. “Soon” still hasn’t happened 3 years later.

Brisco Street Medicine- Brisco had been fast tracked to release his album Street Medicine. Lil’ Wayne took him under his wing and put him on all the Cash Money affiliated tracks in 2006 and 2007. Brisco got pushed to the front of the line.. Wayne even had a guest appearance on the lead single. What more could Brisco want? Well, probably his album to actually be released which never hapoened.

Birdman Priceless 2- If you couldn’t get enough of Birdman from the original Priceless album, the good news is there was a follow-up album recorded. The bad news is its never been released and at this point it probably never will.

Country album- Back in 2010, CMR was expanding its roster by adding acts and producers from other genres of music. Some like Jay Sean had hit albums while other acts you probably forgot altogether were ever on Cash Money Records. One of Birdman’s big projects was a country act. Birdman wanted Cash Money to expand into country music and have a platinum record in the country genre. You can already guess that if it’s on this list, it never ever happened.

Mystikal album- Once Mystikal got out of jail for sexual assault, a lot of rap labels were courting him including Cash Money. Mystikal eventually choose Cash Money over anyone else and even officially released a couple of tracks. Unfortunately that CMR album never happened and its been 20 years since Mystikal released an official album. Hopefully it won’t be another 20…..

Paris Hilton- This one had some internet hype but it wasn’t real hype, it was based off her name really. And the fact that Birdman and Lil Wayne wanted to be on her album. Paris had released her first album in 2006 with Scott Storch, but it wasn’t a true “Paris Hilton album” as her voice was synthesized. Birdman put her on the label and you can guess what Paris Hilton vocals would have sounded like over Cash Money production. The interesting thing is Birdman had her on the label for years and for years talked about her album coming. Maybe by 2030.

Like Father Like Son 2: Tha Last Mob- Like Father Like Son has fared well with critics and fans over the years and is considered a cult classic to some hard-core Cash Money Records fans. In 2012, Birdman announced that the sequel was coming that winter. That wasn’t the first time he had announced the album though. Birdman said half the album was already finished, they would quickly bang out 10 more tracks and voila an album would be ready. Wayne and Birdman had a long term issues which most likely got in the way of this one.

Big Tyler’s reunion- There is two different versions to this one: the Big Tymers reunion album with Birdman and Dj Mannie Fresh and there is a also the version that Drake wanted to be part of. We personally, were looking forward more to the first one than the second one. It doesn’t really matter either way, because neither of these records happened. But we will also be down for a Big Tymers album, whenever it may happen.

The Fresh Files- Back when Lil’ Wayne was recording songs for the Carter V album, he and Mannie Fresh cooked up 13 tracks during those sessions. According to Fresh, Cash Money only used two tracks that he produced for the album, leaving another 11 in the Mannie Fresh vaults. Some of those tracks are unheard and unreleased while there are some originals in the mix as well. Mannie says the album is coming at somepoint and its called “The Fresh Files”. By the way Mannie, what else do you have in the vaults?

Jae Millz Nothing is Promised- This album has been in the works for like the last 15 years. To put it in perspective, Lil Wayne between albums and retail mixtapes has released around 30 in that time. MIllz had a lot of promise back in the day (no pun intended) and after a bunch of guest apperacnes, was seen as one of the most promising (again, no pun intended) young acts in the works. Millz even had a single and a release date. One thing is for sure, a Jae Millz official album not dropping is promised.

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