10 Albums Bad Boy Records Never Released

Bad Boy Records and Puff Daddy have released many classic albums over the years, but there are a bunch of them that sit somewhere on the shelves of Bad Boy Studios to this day.

Biggie Live Album- Once Death Row Records officially released an all-live 2Pac album back in the day, Puffy got the idea of doing the same with Biggie.  This album was supposed to be out in 2002/2003.  If you go on YouTube and see Biggie’s old performances, you can tell that an all live Biggie album would have been a monster.

Buggati Boyz-  Remember this one?  This was the duo album with Puffy and Florida rapper Rick Ross.  They did release one song for this, titled “Another One”, but that was released 10 years ago at this point.  Former producers have confirmed making tracks for this project, but no one has ever confirmed anything past that first song.

Craig Mack Sophmore Album-  Mack was Bad Boy’s original debut artist.  Consider the fact that Mack’s first single and album went Gold on a brand new label, it was a very big deal.  Once Biggie was released, Mack dropped to the number 2 slot, and fast.  Puffy had talked about a second Craig Mack album in 1996, but there was no actual proof that anything was actually recorded.

Mark Curry Album-  Curry was one of Puffy’s main ghoswriters back in the early 2k days.  Curry had done work producing and writing on Biggie’s Born Again Album and Puffy’s Saga Continues Album.  Curry had been recording a Bad Boy solo album for years, an album which Puffy kept promosing him that would be released.  Guess what, it wasn’t.

Fuzzbubble-  Bad Boy Records first rock group that Puffy signed back in 1997.  You might remember them from the “Its All About The Benjamins” Rock Remix.  Puffy had them record an album and then never released it.  Something cool to note: Fuzzbubble did a cover of Biggie’s Hypnotize and it sounds pretty sick.

Mario Winans 2nd Bad Boy Album- This really is a strange one.  Winans has been one of Puffy’s most trusted loyal writers and performers for the better part of the last two decades.  His debut “Hurt No More” was one of the best selling albums of 2004.  You would think a follow up with be a no-brainer, right?  Well, Winans did start a project and have a release date (which was in 2006) but nothing more than that happened.  And, no one even knows why……

Aasim-  Another one of Puffy’s best ghostwriters that he promised a solo album.  Aasim has been contributing to Bad Boy Records albums back to Puffy’s album “Press Play” from 2006.  Aasim contrinuted as a performer and as a writer and showed promise as a new Bad Boy rapper.  Its now 14 years later, and that Bad Boy Aasim album never happened.

Jerome- Jerome was the teenage R&B singer that Puffy kept talking about being a big part of the future of Bad Boy Records.  Jerome did actually release a few songs and appear in a few videos, but his 2000 album never did happen.  Jerome claims the album was 13 cuts deep and ready to go.

E. Ness/Babs Joint Album-  Sooooo this was going to be two separate solo albums or a single album consisting 50% of E. Ness and 50% of Babs or the two of them as a rap duo.  No one really knows.  When Da Band disbanded (or to be more clear, Puffy disbanded them) Puffy kept Ness and Babs around with the promise of a future project.  Babs left after while and Ness’ contributions came as a writer on a couple of tracks but that was it for them.

No Way Out 2-  The follow-up to Puffy’s classic debut album from 1997.  Puffy has been promising this one for the last five years and has said that it will be his final album.  Puffy said it will be another classic with timeless music.  No single or video has been completed for this project and there has been absolutely no progress since announcing the album years ago.

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