10 Things You Didn’t Know About Junior Mafia


Biggie felt that the three most talented rappers in Junior Mafia in order were: Lil’ Kim, Kleptomanic and Lil’ Cease.  After Lil’ Kim released her first album, Biggie really tried to get Kleptomanic signed to a solo deal and release a Kleptomanic album.  Unforutnely Biggie couldn’t make that happen before his death.


Klepto wasn’t actually Biggie’s long term friend as many of the Junior Mafia members were.  Klepto meet Biggie at the Tunnel one night in 1994 and the two became quick friends and Klepto then became a member of the crew.

051817-shows-tales-tales-rap-duets-throwback-hip-hop-pics-1Biggie actually had trouble signing the group back in 1994 as many labels were not interested in signing them.  When Biggie first started talking to music executives about a group album of his closest friends, they were very interested.  But when it came down to offering the crew record contracts, many backed away.


In the very early days of the group, Biggie tried getting Foxy Brown to be a member of the Junior Mafia.  How would a young Lil’ Kim and young Foxy have  done together as group members?


There are rumors that Junior Mafia’s first album “Conspriacy” was first recorded entirely by Biggie.  All of the tracks were recorded by Biggie rapping everyone’s verses as reference tracks.  Some of those tracks have leaked in the last decade, but not all of them.

Lil Kim Visits "Extra"

During the last 10 years Lil’ Kim has gone back and forth on a Junior Mafia reunion.  Originally she said she would never be a part of a Junior Mafia reunion, but as of last year (in which her and Lil’ Cease buried their issues) Kim said she was interested and a full Junior Mafia reunion “needs to happen”.

300x300Kleptomaniac (AKA MC Klepto) is a very succesful and promient real estate agent in New York City these days.


Before his death, Biggie did have a Lil’ Cease solo project lined up titled “Puppy Love”.  Biggie had planned to write a majority of the album and also executive produce the album.  The album was going to be released on Biggie’s co-owned Undeas Records.


There is truth to the rumor that Junior Mafia wanted to retaliate against 2Pac with their own diss titled “Dig Em Up”.  They were going to release the song after 2Pac’s death.  Biggie was completely against the idea and wouldn’t let them do it.

51ijh5J7OGLBack in 2005 when Junior Mafia released “Riot Music”, Lil’ Cease had plans to release a Junior Mafia clothing line titled “Mafisio Apparel”.  Lil’ Cease never did a get a chance to get his clothing company up and running.


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