The 3 Times The Chicago Bulls Tried Trading Scottie Pippen

Trade with The Boston Celtics- antoine_walker_look_legends_300400

1997 was a rough year for the Celtics.  They finished with one of the worst records, had overpaid for Rick Pitino to coach them and were banking on securing Tim Duncan with the #1 pick.  The Celtics missed out on Tim Duncan and instead had #3 and #6 draft picks.  The Bulls were interested in those lottery picks (which turned out to be Chauncey Billups and Ron Mercer) and wanted a two lottery pick for Scottie Pippen swap at the last minute.  Or another version that the Bulls were interested in was small forward Antoine Walker and the #3 pick for Scottie Pippen.  According to sources, MJ called Krause and said if the deal happens, he is out.  The Celtics did pick up Billups but only held on to him short term.  Mercer wasn’t a huge contributor and didn’t move the needle much in the end.  The Celtics missing out on Tim Duncan haunted them for years.  Pippen probably would not have fared well with the 1997 Celtics as they struggled on both ends of the floor and Pitino was trying to install a new identity to the team.

Trade with The Seattle Supersonics- 62235b3c52eecc2fa18550cd8c91cc6e

Something you must know about the Chicago Bulls and Shawn Kemp: they were upset for years for not drafting him.  They instead picked up forward Stacy King, who only held a role player position for the team and under performed considering that he was a top 10 draft pick.  Even though Kemp had killed the high school competition, it was still a big gamble in 1989 to draft a high school prospect.  Krause kind of saw Kemp the way he saw Pippen, a young talent with unlimited athletic ability that other teams were overlooking.  By the time the Bulls had their second first round pick (B.J. Armstrong) Kemp was already taken.  Fast forward to 1994 (the Bulls first year without Jordan) Pippen leads the team to a 50+ win season and is voted All Star Game MVP.  Even after an amazing year of carrying the team by himself, Krause still wanted to deal Pippen before the 1994 draft.  The pre-draft deal that was in place was a trade of Scottie Pippen for Shawn Kemp, Rickey Pierce and a first round pick.  Jordan even called and encouraged Sonics coach George Karl to take Pippen in the trade adding that Pippen “makes others better and Kemp doesn’t”.  In the end the trade fell through because the Supersonics didn’t pull the trigger.

Trade with The Toronto Raptors- tracy-mcgrady-magic

This was the first trade that Krause tried pulling on during the 1997 draft.  Krause liked what he saw in McGrady (another young athletic tall guard with raw ability) and thought the Raptors would bite on a Pippen for McGrady swap.  As with the Boston Celtics deal, Jordan stepped in and vetoed the trade.  Even though Krause felt anyone was tradable, Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf had MJs back and as long as Jordan was on the roster, he could dictate what happens.  So in summary, Krause tried trading Pippen for McGrady, and Jordan vetoed that trade.  After that didn’t happen, he STILL tried trading Pippen a second time to the Boston Celtics.  Now do you understand why Pippen kept berating Krause in front of everyone?

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