10 Dopest Basketball Jerseys of All Time

Len Bias Celtics- 5331672_3 (2)

We start the list of dopest jereys ever with a jersey that never actually happened.  Len Bias never actually had a chance to wear any official Boston Celtics jerseys, but this was a custom made one worn by Bobby Brown in 2002.  Brown wore the jersey for the Ja Rule video “Thug Lovin” and that jersey has been a hit since.  We can only imagine how good a Len Bias all star jersey would have looked.

Allen Iverson Georgetown Hoyas-


This one goes down as the official greatest basketball jersey of all time.  The Allen Iverson Georgetown Hoyas Jersey.  We prefer the black to the grey, but if you prefer the grey to the black, we completely understand.  What looks better, Kate Upton in a white bikini or a yellow bikini?  Either we you win, and its the same here. And some Air Jordan XIs and you got the greatest basketball fit of all time.

Michael Jordan pinstripe- nba-chicago-bulls-michael-jordan-23-red-stripe-black-jersey-big16

Pretty much any Michael Jordan Jersey would make the list.  His rookie Chicago Bulls jersey, his UNC one, his Wizards throwback, his high school one, his Dream Team Jersey and most of his all star game ones.  But this one was the pick as the best Jordan jersey.  The Bulls outdid themselves with the pinstripes and it’s one of the best jerseys ever.

Larry Johnson Charlotte- 7f48a30b387925796db1f43d1fa7c0dc

We really really tried hard from having a list flooded with 90s jerseys, but it was tough.  There are just too many to pick during that decade.  When the Hornets became an expansion team, they hired some serious designers to make their debut Jersey.  Throw grandmama in that pinstripe jersey and you got one of the coolest NBA jerseys ever.  His UNLV running rebels jersey was a close second though.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bucks Away- 6705-2

Other than some of the funky ABA jerseys, the 70s really don’t stand out as a great decade for basketball trends.  One of the NBA ones the stands way above the rest from that time period is the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Milwaukee Bucks away jersey.  Now, Kareem may never have been known for his drip,  but in this jersey looked so smooth in that green.

Magic All Star 92- magic_allstar_prog

We were going to put Michael Jordan in this slot with the same All-Star Game jersey, but if you put him for one then you put him for two and then you put him for three and then you have an entire list of just him.  Our favorite ASG Jersey and a special one when you think of the performance Magic put on the game.  If you want to see the actual one he wore, it’s on display in Springfield at the HoopHall.

Kobe Bryant Lower Merion- 2afb235bd969b685d03ed7be46542d8b

Kobe was another tough subject, because there have been a lot of classic Kobe Bryant jerseys over the years.  The #8 original Lakers jersey, the blue #8 jersey, the 24 switch, I mean we can go on and on and on.  We picked this one because it’s just a perfect example of that classic 1990s high school jersey, which at the time were hundreds of them that were dope.  And none were any doper than the kid Kobe.  We miss you Kobe.

David Thompson Denver Nuggets- 76b8ea20059689234e0ebd20ec08d079The second best ABA jersey behind the one below.  The Denver Nuggets have had a lot of stylish jerseys over the years (their 80s jerseys almost made the list), but the ABA with the gold nugget on the front stands out as the best one.  Add to it that Thompson was one of the most exciting players in the ABA, it just brought this jerseys dopeness another level.  The nuggets should consider using this one in the future.

Dr J ABA- 84cb8c3d07e1a7817bb4b4629cb18862

This was an easy pick and one of the Jerseys you probably thought of when you saw the title.  No classic jersey list can exclude this one.  The Dr. J Nets ABA is the iconic Jersey from the ABA and even more personifies the time and style of the 1970s.  The ABA actually did a superb job designing their jerseys (which led the NBA stealing some swag after the merger).  Dr. J will always be one of the coolest players ever, and the ABA might be one of the coolest basketball leagues ever created, so this was as simple as can be.

Vince Carter Raptors- 12144b4982751f40b9c644167c27c986

Again, we really really tried hard not to be flooded with 90s jerseys, but it was really damn hard.  We kept circling back to the Vince one.  It would have been equally fitting to put the McGrady same jersey in as well.  We tried going back to other decades (like the 70s and 80s) and tried finding a better jersey than the Vince Carter Raptors one, but we couldnt.  We tried for like a few hours and couldn’t.  SO that’s it, this one completes the list and we wont stress out on it anymore.  So here is the last entry on dopest basketball jerseys ever: Vince Carter





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