10 Albums Murder Inc Records Never Released

Pov City Hustler- 81uXepLobvL._SX355_

The debut album by Cadillac Tah.  Cadillac Tah had a lot of traction going back in 2002.  He had two appearances on the Fast and Furious soundtrack (including a big solo track) a guest appearance on a J. Lo song and a single with Ashanti.  Tah had the album completed, but Murder Inc was trying to rush the album in 2003.  Murder Inc told him if the album was not ready to go and released by a certain date, it would be gone forever.  And that’s exactly what happened.

La Dolce Vita- vita-rapper-93eadfa4-35fe-41cc-9e9f-21b48d8c751-resize-750

The much pushed back album from female rapper Vita.  Vita had been appearing on Murder Inc songs since 1999, but never had her own album released.  Her debut album, first reported to be released in the fall of 2001 and then subsequently had release dates in 2002 then 2003, included two songs produced by the Neptunes, a few Ja Rule appurtenances and even a rumored unreleased Jay-Z verse.  Vita recorded a single and had a video directed by Hype Williams that sampled a Madonna song, one that she did not clear.  That single was as far as the album got.  Vita had said differences between her and Irv Gotti lead to her album being shelved.

Ghetto Gospel-


The debut album by the Murder Inc. weed carrier Black Child.  Black Child had appeared on any Murder Inc. album that he could of.  He was on practically every Ja Rule album, he was on multiple soundtracks and was part of The Murderers album.  Black Child’s solo album has had release dates dating from 2000 to 2006 and has gone through multiple name changes.  No one even knows if any tracks had been recorded for that album.

Diary- withashanti

The second unreleased album by rapper Charli Baltimore.  Charli had previously recorded a debut album titled “Cold As Ice” in 1999 which was also never released.  Then she records her Murder Inc. debut album in 2002, and that also ends up not being released.  The Murder Inc album, was due to be one of the biggest Murder Inc. releases not by Ja Rule.  Charli had shown up as a guest on a bunch of Ja Rule and Ashanti tracks prior to her album, which back then was great promotion for the album.  This album is said to have been recorded and finished.  Too bad none of us will ever hear it.

Bobby Brown Album- CUMNTunUAAA2QOU

Irv had been trying to get Bobby Brown signed to Murder Inc Records for quite some time.  Bobby Brown did appear on Ja Rule’s 2002 single “Thug Lovin” and after that Brown did sign for a short period of time.  Brown was expected to record and release a Murder Inc album in 2003, but that did not happen.  Brown would appear with New Edition in 2004 on Bad Boy Records instead, but never released a solo album again.

Cash Money Clik aka Cash Murda Clik- hqdefaultxdcv

Irv actually had plans to plans release two separate CMC albums back in the early 2000s (bringing the totally list to 11 albums officially).  For those that don’t remember who that is, that is a group with Ja-Rule, 0-1 and Chris Black.  The trio did record an album independently and released a few singles, but the album was dropped when Black went to jail in 1996.  After Black finished his sentence, Irv Gotti had his own label with Ja Rule as the star act.  So, they decided to come together for a new album.  The group was recording an album to be released at the end of 2001 early 2002 and if that had sold well, Irv planned to follow up with a re-release of their unreleased album recorded in 1995.  Neither one ended up happening.

Still Don’t Give A Fuck- 518byff9SsL

The follow up group album which included Black Child, Ja Rule, Vita, and Tah Murder.  The 2000 album did quite well considering it consisted of Ja Rule and three more rappers who didn’t even have an album out.  Irv had this album slated for a 2004 release, but that also did not happen.

Hunting Season- hqdefaulta

This was suppose to be the big debut album from rapper Newz.  Irv Gotti even promoted Newz on his reality show and showed clips of them recording the album.  It was supposed to be the first release of the new Murder Inc records (then titled just The Inc.) after the feds raid and the shutting down of the label.  Newz claims that an entire album was recorded.  Irv never did record the album, and that was it for Newz on the label.

7 Aurelius Album- artworks-000003478324-vd43lc-t500x500

Murder Inc records producer 7 Aurelius (real name Marcus Vest), was attempting to do what a lot of producers either did or thought of during the 2K days: release their own album.  Diddy had done it, Pharell did it, Scott Storch was going to do it, Cool of Cool and Dre tried to do it, and so did 7 Aurelius.  Aurelius had produced a lot of Murder Inc and Def Jam hits dating back to 2001.  Aurelius had a 2007 release date scheduled, but that came and went.

Murder Inc- murder-inc-xxl-cover1-585x600

The most famous album of any Murder Inc. records albums ever released.  The unreleased record from Ja Rule/Jay-Z/DMX that was “presented by Irv. Gotti”.  Most Murder Inc. albums back then were “presented by Irv. Gotti”.  Rumor has it that egos got in the way (well one ego to be more specific) of recording this album.  Could have gone down as one of the greatest albums of all time.  The closest we well have to the album is the three or four songs that trio recording in the 1990s.



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