10 NBA Players That Should Have Had Their Own Shoes

Harold Miner- top-10-nba-slam-dunk-contest-trendsetters-2We always thought that Nike should have used the “Baby Jordan” moniker to their advantage with Harold Miner.  Miner, at the time did wear Jordans (and was one of the first players ever to have Air Jordan PE’s) but never his own kicks.  Nike should have offered Minor an exclusive line of “Baby Jordans”

Ray Allen- dm_180330_nba_ray_allen_vignette_sceuWas Ray Allen worthy of his own sneaker line?  Absolutely.  Now, Ray shouldn’t be complaining about his kicks since he has probably the sickest line of Jordan PE’s ever made.  Nike, however should have given the UCONN shooter his own line of sneaks.  The Nike Ray-Ray.

Antoine Walker- antoine-walker-e1497156766834Antoine was given his own shoe by Adidas, but it wasn’t really “his” shoe.  Their was an earlier model of Antoine Walker’s shoe that had been promoted by other young 90s players at the time, so it wasn’t ever Antoine’s.  Adidas should have given him his own line of “shimmys”.

Lamar Odom- 151014102342-restricted-01-lamar-odom-large-169It really is a surprise that Nike nor Reebok offered Lamar Odom his own sneaker when he signed his first NBA contract.  He was an extremely hyped NYC high school basketball player, had a great freshman season in college and was projected to be the number #1 draft pick in 1999.  The point-forward did fall to the #4 in the draft, but that didn’t change any of his high expectations.

Rafer Alston- alston_300_080316_mediumRafer did has his own shoe for two years by AND1, but really wore the AND1 Tai-chi for most of his early playing days.  Now, we can’t argue that Rafer and AND1 were not a great pairing, because each embodied the street game.  It just would have been super dope if someone as big as Nike or Reebok gave the streetball legend his own line.

Jason Richardson- richardson_playfilegallery1Nothing says NBA sneaker contract like a 3-peat slam dunk champion.  Richardson wore Nikes and Reeboks throughout his career, but never got his own sneaker line until later in his career when Chinese company Peak gave him his own deal.  Still looking for some Jason Richardson Peak’s?  They are for sale at Sears……seriously they are.

Dirk Nowitzki- 416x416The interesting thing about Dirk is that he played in a Nike international summit against the best high school players in America before going pro and destroyed them all.  Nike knew when Dirk was 17 that they had a huge star on their hands, but did nothing about it.  If something like that happened today, the sneaker companies would be all over it.

Dajuan Wagner- NBA Media DayIn retrospect, its a good thing that the sneaker companies never gave Wagner his own shoe since his career was short lived.  Wagner though, had been a star since the 10th grade and was one of the most hyped high school players not named Lebron James.  Wagner would have been the perfect Nike athlete.

Chris Jackson- mahmoud_abdul_raufChris Jackson was the 1990s version of Steph Curry.  YouTube his days at LSU and his early NBA days.  Chris Jackson was that guy when he was in college.  The scouts back then were saying that he would break most of the NBA scoring records.  Now, he didn’t actually do that, and he did get black-balled by the NBA, so his career really didn’t end up like Curry’s.

Jason Williams- F4w9cQlF_400x400So Jason Williams did technically have his own AND1 shoe, but it was passed the “White Chocolate” glory days.  How come Nike/Reebok or Adidas step in and give J-Will his own sneaker when he was absolutely killing it with the Kings back in the 2k days?  Your guess is as good as ours, because we don’t know.  He was one of the most exciting players in the world back then.


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