10 Rappers Who Had One Album And Were Never Heard From Again

Amil- Amil_JayZ

Amil was promoted as Jay-Z’s young female protégé.  She made the rounds on Rocafella’s other artist’s singles before releasing her own solo joint.  The album flopped and then she just disappeared.  Jay said years later that she wasn’t a hard worker and a lot of times didn’t even show up to paid studio time.

Lady Of Rage- a0ec7a13311cea9d96d804da05093022Rage’s first album was actually slated to follow the release of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”.  Death Row kept pushing her album back, and it took a full 5 years to be released.  Even though she was seen as one of the most skilled female rappers in the industry, Rage left the music business shortly after her first album and went into acting instead.  She has appeared on a few tracks since then, but no second album.

Blac Haze- 41F8F4QWHPLBlac Haze technically released more than one album, but no one ever heard from him after the first one.  This Miami rapper had a cult following on the internet back in the late 90s when some 2pac fans claimed that he was 2pac under another new alias.  Blac Haze used that to his advantage and titled the album “Res-sa-rec-shun”.  If you have never heard of him before, take it from us, his voice may sound a lot like Pac’s, but a that’s it.  Pac was 800 million times better.

Da Band- hqdefault125A5QOJRemember Diddy’s group featuring Dylan, Dylan, Dylan?  Da Band dropped one album, lasted about two more months passed the album’s release date and that was that.  Diddy had it with all of them.  Diddy kept E. Ness and Babs on board with plans to release solo albums, but we know the ending to that story.

Made Men- 51rJ9u5cM-L._SX355_Remember Benzino’s rap group named The Made Men?  Benzino and his original Almighty RSO crew…..and released their only group album in the summer of ’99.  The album contained a guest feature from pretty much every popular rapper from the Y2K days.  The album had heavy promotion (given Benzino’s connection to The Source) but didn’t chart as high as planned.  The group recorded another album titled “Black Friday” but never released it.

McGruff- hqdefaultQ82PJ03TMcGruff’s first and only solo album “Destined To Be” from 1998 should have been a hit.  Raps fans knew McGruff from his days with Children Of The Corn and he also did a bunch of mixtape tracks prior to album coming up.  The album was released, barely charted and that was it for McGruff.  The label didn’t give him a second chance.

Sauce Money- Sauce_MoneySauce Money only released one album in his career, which was back in spring of 2000.  Even though the album never went gold, to rap fans the album wasnt that bad.  Years later Sauce Money did release another single, but not a full album since the single never made any noise.

Sole- blogger-image--1827678899Sole was fine back in the day.  Sole had her first big appearance on JT Money’s single “Who Dat”.  Sole released her solo album Skin Deep a year later with a huge single sung by Ginuwine.  The album had a few more luke-warn singles, but never reached gold.  She never recorded a follow up album.  Look her up, she is still fine today.

Stagga Lee- 41NHrxYNrzLWe be like……we are only going to release one album!  Stagga Lee released the “We Be Like” song and another minor club hit “Rock Ya Body” back in 2003.  The songs barely got any spin and that was it for this rapper’s career.  No joke, he looks like Max Kellerman from back in the day.

Yung Wun- 356x237Swizz Beatz signed Yung Wun to his record label back in 2002.  His solo debut titled “The Dirtiest Thirstiest” was released in 2004 after heavy promotion.  The album had tracks produced by Swizz with guest features from DMX, Lil’ Flip and David Banner.  What more could a new rapper have asked for in 2004? The album didnt chart well and Swizz gave up on him.  A second album never came

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