10 Things That You May Know About Your Favorite Food….Pizza!

The City With The Most Pizzerias- delicious-pizzaHave you ever wondered which city in the world has the most pizzerias?  Well, here is a hint: it’s not Rome or New York.  The city with the most pizzerias in the whole word happens to be Sao Paolo, Brazil with more than 6,500 stores within the city’s limits.

Italians in Italy- original_c41f527f715b204d449f904c3c27e329

The Italians see pizza as something more than food, almost like artwork.  The Italians today are all about tradition, so modern toppings such as Chicken and Pineapple are seen as offensive to alot of locals.

And speaking of toppings- dcf2e526-94be-11e8-b4b7-067dfd978c4dThe latest pizza topping craze for 2018 is………………Pickles! That’s right Pickle pizza is the latest uptrending topping.  A second big one to add is Mac and Cheese pizza.

Pizza on a boatpizza-piOne of the most intriguing places to get a pie happens to be right in the waters of St. Thomas.  Pizza Pi was created to serve those cruising the waters with delicious pizza.  The owners built the boat with a complete pizza kitchen and even have a full service bar right at the edge of the boat.

The Styles Of Pizza in the US- detroit-style-pizza-product5 The US is home to many different pizza styles these days, but there are alot of great options beyond New York and Greek style pizza.  Some of the lesser known but delicious styles to test out: Detriot Style pizza, St. Louis style pizza, New Haven style pizza and Rhode Island style Grilled pizza.

How Long It Takes- display_homechef_Chicago_Style_Spinach_Deep_Dish_Pizza__8_of_9_

A typical pizza takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish.  A deep dish Chicago pizza however takes 45+ minutes to normally cook.  Add a few more if you like your pizza well done.  You better hope after waiting 45 minutes that the correct pizza comes out!

Who invented Pizzas?- The answer to the question will go on and on and on.  The Greeks say they did, the Italians insist that they did and the Chinese believe they invented pizza.  The truth though, is that the origin of pizza is the Middle East.  The ancient Babylonians and Egyptians created an ancient form of flatbread pizza.

The Big 3- pizza-hutThink about this number: 6.8 billion dollars.  That is what Dominos, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut had for combined sales last year.

Next Gen Tech- hqdefaultddddPizzerias focus for the future falls on these big ideas: drone delivery, self driving vehicles delivery and pizza shipping.  Pizza shipping has been used for a few years now, but is becoming more common everyday.

Hawaiian Pizza- default_dae3c567e57fae9979afb56279b75a3b_Depositphotos_78990942_m-2015

Here is one last interesting tidbit about pizza, the Hawaiian pizza (typically ham and pineapples or bacon and pineapples) was not even created in Hawaii.  The Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Greek pizza owner in Ontario Canada.


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