10 Things You Didn’t Know About Soul In The Hole



The Original Theme51eNHcVVUjLThe original theme for Soul In The Hole was a broad view of streetball played in NYC in the mid-1990s.  The focus was going to be on Booger, Kareem Reid, God Shamgod and Stephon Marbury.  Filmmakers were so fascinated by Booger’s life that the entire film changed to just him and his team the Kenny Kings.

The Trotters- Harlem Globetrotters At T-Mobile Arena

After the movie was released in 1997, the Harlem Globetrotters offered Booger an official contract to tour with them.  Booger declined the offer because he felt the Trotters were more show than actual basketball.

The Sports Illustrated Cover-

s-l1000The August 1997 sports illustrated, which features Booger on the cover was shot in Tillary Park in Brooklyn.  Booger recalls he scored 32 points that day of the photoshoot.  That was the last time a streetball player was on the cover of SI.

Kenny Was Almost Murdered- hqdefaultssssssKenny Jones, Booger’s longtime coach of Kenny’s Kings, almost died in 2008 from gunshots to his back in Brooklyn.  It took him over 4 months to recover, but Kenny is doing just fine these days.

His Teammate Played In The NBA- M3ff7f248d12b5085a21c6b25f02ad885Booger’s teammate on the Kenny Kings was NCAA star Charles Jones.  Jones, was drafted by the Chicago Bulls and played 3 years in the NBA.  He also played 8 more years overseas professionally.

He Never Got Paid- Booger never received a dime from The Soul In The Hole documentary in 1997.  No royalties or residuals, nothing.  At the time of the filming, Booger was playing JUCO ball and the student athletes are not allowed to be paid, therefore Booger got zero from the movie financially.

Booger Now-

boogersmith21Booger these days is still in Brooklyn and works construction and is also coaching basketball.  He has two daughters, and at 44 is a grandfather.

The Lexus- 2003-lexus-gs-frontside_legs3031

Unfortunately Booger never did get that new Lexus that he talked about in the movie.

Booger Never Graduated From High School-

booger-smith-john-huet2So here is an interesting tidbit.  Booger never did finish school but was able to go to Junior College in Arizona.  How did that one happen?

The Alternate Nickname-  20381

Even though Booger made a name for himself in Brooklyn, he did play at The Rucker a handful of times.  The Rucker MC, gave him a different name, the “main ingredient”.  So if you were at the Rucker and heard that name called and didn’t know who it was, it was Booger.

First Love-  Booger’s first sports love was actually football.  There isn’t much of a future for footballers 5’9 and 155lbs, so that was that.  Booger claims he was super nice on the football field though.



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