the 10 Rarest Lebron James Shoes ever

This list is the rarest of the rare. Rarer shoes than the South Beaches or the Lebron IVs Ohio States. Those ones had too many produced to nail this list. Most of these shoes have a run in the single digits, with some being a unique 1 of 1. When Lebron made these shoes, they didn’t want many people to get their hands on them.

Lebron IV Fruity Pebbles Alternate- nike-zoom-lebron-4-pe-fruity-pebbles-1-03

This is one of the most famous Lebron’s of all time.  In fact, the Fruity Pebbles and other Lebron IVs really kicked off the whole player exclusive (PE) movement.  There is either one confirmed pair of this or two.  Lebron wore this shoe against the Hawks in 2006 and wore a version that was different from other Fruity Pebbles floating around.  There was also a pair on display in NYC during Lebron’s pop-up Nike shop, but that pair could have been the pair he wore.  If it wasn’t, then only two pairs of the alternate (with the different colored sole) exist.

Lebron 8 MVP- sp11mn8skt-470_3

Nike created this shoe and kept it on ice until Lebron won the MVP award for the 2010-2011 season.  That didn’t actually happen since Derrick Rose won the 2010-2011 MVP award.  Nike, then, never released the shoe and all that we have is the sample of this shoe.  We did some digging and were able to confirm 3 pairs of these shoes.  Interested in one?  If you just happen to be a size 9, a pair is for sale for $7650 right now here.

Shoe Surgeon X Lebron 15s- https___hypebeast.com_image_2018_08_the-shoe-surgeon-nike-lebron-15-gold-008

This one we can confirm is a 1 of 1.  The shoe surgeon created this shoe to mark and celebrate Lebron’s 30,000 NBA point.  This shoe is made of gold, diamonds, more gold and more diamonds, crocodile skin dipped 24K gold and whatever else you can imagine would go on a $100,000+ sneaker.

Lebron II “Beast”- nike-zoom-lebron-2-pe-1-of-1-beast-1-02

Here is a shoe that was classified as a 1-of-1 shoe, but then another shoe popped up for sale making this as-of-right-now a 1-of-2 shoe.  Lebron wore these Zebra and Fur pair back in 2014 following a game, and that was the only time anyone had witnessed these shoes before (pun intended).  Later another, size 9 again, went up for sale for a whopping $6,500.

Lebron IV Silver Surfer- zoom_lebron_IV_pe_silversurfer

We are going to include this one just for fun.  We really shouldn’t because the only evidence we have of this shoe existing is a strange and grainy picture from an Asian magazine and nothing else.  Lebron never wore these so called “Silver Surfers” and has never spoken about them on record.  No one around him has been seen with a pair and no around him has ever confirmed that they exist.  This was an online rumor started by a few devoted Lebron sneaker freaks who claim they have seen it, and that yes it does it exist and that only 5 pairs exist.  So who actually knows?

Nike Air Zoom Generation Prototype- kcmtadnnimojkj84okja

This is an interesting one, because this is a prototype of the very first Lebron shoe Nike ever produced.  Nike at the time, needed to create the perfect shoe to showcase and display this one in a lifetime athlete, so the pressure was on to release something that would blow the gates off.  As you can see in this shoe, the design is slightly different (and a little less appealing) then the actual retail version of the shoe.  This first version of this shoe is the only one known to exist, although a single picture of a black pair has also surfaced online.

Nike Lebron PE 10 “Chrome”- nike-lebron-10-pe-silver-red-1-01

Got an extra 15K in cash laying around?  Then this is the pair for you.  This “special edition” Lebron shoe was produced in 2013.  Lebron did wear these in a game once, so he has a pair.  There is this pair deadstock for sale for $15,000, so that makes two.  The NBA did have one on display during the All Star Game in Houston, so that’s three.  There is a store online that claims they had three for sale, but all three sold for an average of 7,000 a pair.  So that makes six and six only.

Nike Lebron Reverse Celebration Pack “Championship”- nike-lebron-10-ps-elite-championship-pack-18-01-reverse

Nike released the regular version of this pack and its safe to say that they are extremely limited.  It turns out, Nike did create an alternate or in this case “reverse” version of this 2 pack shoe that was never released.  The reverse version is of the two pairs with the opposite colors/design of the retail version.  Thus far pictures have surfaced online of them existing and one online store has them for sale for and that’s all that we know exists.

Nike Lebron IV Gloria PE- nike-lebron-4-gloria-sample-2007_m0ad2q (2)

Technically no version of this exists in men’s sizes.  So that makes it the rarest on this list being a 0 of 0!  This women’s version was a PE made specicially for Lebron’s mother (size 6.5 in womens) back at the end of 2007.  There are pictures online of the pair, but no shoe has ever been seen for sale anywhere in the world or the interwebs in the 11 years since they were produced.

Lebron Zoom Generation One- Air_Zoom_Generation_1_hd_1600-634x357

These are the ultimate grails, a true 1-of-1 shoe and the holiest Lebron shoes ever.  We saved these for last.  In 2015, Lebron did a special interview with GQ magazine and showed them what are his holy grails from his private collection.  The holiest grails to the King himself are the very first Lebron Zoom One that he wore in Cleveland in 2003.  It was on November 5th, 2003 (just over 15 years ago this month) that Lebron played his first Cavs game in Cleveland and these are the shoes from that game.  Lebron has had these in a special box since and they are his favorite pair of all time.



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