Jay-Z Albums We Never Got


Have you always wondered about those albums Jay-Z talked about it but never released?  Well, we have the official list right here.  All of these albums Jay-Z talked about at some point in time, but never ended up releasing them.  If we missed any, please contact us: @picassobabyblog

Original Original Black Album


Years before the retirement album was recorded, Jay-Z had actually planned a very different version of “The Black Album”.  Jay called DJ Premier and told him he wanted the Black Album to be a complete Premier produced album.  The album was ditched all together and years later when he was ready to tackle his last album, Jay-Z went with a different plan altogether.  Which brings us to the next album…….

Original Black Album (12 Different Producers)


The second version of “The Black Album” that Jay-Z came up with teamed him with 12 different producers.  In the end, Jay-Z did record the Black Album with most of the proposed producers, but the original plan was for one track per producer.  The idea went so far that it was advertised in magazines in 2003.  Some of the producers who didn’t make the cut?  Dr. Dre, The Trackmasters, and EA-SKi.

Experimental album

After the release of “Blueprint 3”, Jay said that his next album was not going to be a #1 album and would be a full length album of “experimental music”.  A track that did not make that BP3 album was “Ghetto Techno” and one can only wonder if that was direction Jay-Z was trying to go.  At the same time, 50 Cent announced that he was also going the techno/EDM route for his next album titled “Black Magic”, another album that was never released.

Ski Thrown Away Album



Yup, you read that right, Jay-Z producer Ski threw out an unreleased Jay-Z album.  Ski and Jay had recorded a bunch of material prior to “Reasonable Doubt” and Ski had not used the material.  In fact, no one has even heard the tracks.  The tracks were never backed up, and when the producer technology moved from DAT tapes to digital, Ski threw out all the DATs he had.  Shit!

Original Demo

If you have never heard Jay-Z’s demo tape, go digging online for it.  It was never released as an album, but it should have because it’s quality HOV from start to finish.  Most of the tracks were recorded between 1993 and 1994, so its early Jay-Z material.  Roca-fella should have remastered the album and released it as an official Jay-Z album.  Another Jay album that we never got.  Here is a standout track from it, which samples 2Pac’s Pain:

Murder Inc. Album


Fans today are still holding out hope that this album will finally come through.  The trio, Jay-Z, DMX and Ja-Rule even did the magazine rounds talking about their upcoming joint album.  Rumors have it that there was jealousy between Jay-Z and X and that’s what stop the album from becoming a reality.  The album was slated for sometime late 99/early 00, the peak rapping moments for X and Jay.

Jay-Z and Nas Album


The original Watch The Throne group, Jay-Z and Nas.  After battling it out on wax and freestyles for years, the two MCs buried their beef forever in 2005.  Fans expected the two to strike while the iron was hot, and release a full duets album.  The two did record a handful of tracks, but never a full LP.

Watch The Throne 2


So there was supposed to be a Watch The Throne 2 album at first.  Then Kanye started yelling at everyone who asked him about it.  He threatened it would never come out.  Then years go by and he and Jay release their own solo albums in the meantime.  Then they get into a beef.  They kinda resolve it, but don’t really talk much anymore.  Then Kanye said Watch The Throne 2 was coming and confirmed a date.  Jay-Z nor anyone around him confirmed that.  Ye tweeted a date, it came and went with no album.  At this point who knows?  Maybe Kanye was releasing a Throne album with somebody else?  If they have been beefing for a while, new recent material has probably not been recorded.  It couldn’t be leftover material from the first album because Jay used most of it on Magna Carta.

The Commission


The 1998 album that never was.  Biggie’s album “Life After Death” was released in March 1997, and Biggie had planned to focus his attention on Puffy’s debut after that.  That obviously didn’t happen once Biggie was killed, but that was his plans.  After that album was wrapped up, Biggie was planning on working on “The Commission” album with friend Brooklyn MC Jay-Z and love interest and Philly rapper Charli Baltimore.  There are rumors that the trio did start recording for the album, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

The 2 Unreleased Just Blaze Albums


Rounding out the list are two albums that Just Blaze claims he has in the fault.  Just has recorded so much material with Jay-Z, that he has enough tracks to fill out 2 complete albums!  The leftover tracks are as early as the The Dynasty album and as late as The Blueprint 3 album.  The standout track from these two unreleased albums?  Just says it “Hey Young Girl” the sequel to “Song Cry”.



  1. Edward Towns-Greene

    Good article homie I was entertained. I’ll take some of it with a grain of salt though. Especially considering you confused ski beatz with ea-ski.


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