10 Songs Jay-Z Recorded But (No One Has Ever Heard)

Ahh yes, our favorite subject “unreleased tracks”.  Even better is “unreleased tracks” by one of our favorite artists.  There have been a bunch of unreleased Jay-Z songs that have leaked or snippets of songs that have leaked over the years, but we didn’t want to use those for this list.  Then there are songs that were rumored to have been passed to Jay, but no one can confirm whether or not Jay-Z actually recorded to it.  Come to think of it, that may another blogpost for another time.  But for this list, we were looking for Jay-Z that no one has heard, and have not been leaked at any length.  Trust us when we say no one has heard these ones.  We went digging and digging and could only find some information on these tracks, no leaks and no videos.  These are not available anywhere on the internet.  We hope one day they are.  So here are 10 songs, that have been confirmed to have been recorded but that the public has never heard.

Hello Young Lady (Song Cry 2)- jay-z-albums-just-blaze-unreleasedThe song we most want to hear from Hova from all the ones on the list.  Song Cry is our favorite Hova song ever, so when Just Blaze confirmed a Part 2 to the track exists, we were freaking out.  Its been a few years since then and it still hasn’t leaked yet.  The track was recorded for the “Black Album” and was very similar to the “Blueprint” song Song Cry.  Just said this is one song of two albums worth of unreleased Jay material that he has in the vault.  Two full albums!

Honour Hov- MavadoThis one was recorded with Reggae legend Mavado in 2008.  In 2008, remember Mavado did record the song “I’m On Da Roc” featuring a long guest verse from the God MC.  This was another “Blueprint 3” track that Jay-Z felt wasn’t worthy of the album.  One thing that album is missing though, is a hard hitting Jay track laced with some reggae vocals.  There are rumors that Jay originally tried (and rumors vary on whether the actual song was recorded or not) recording this song with Vybz Kartel, and when their schedules couldn’t line up, Jay went with Mavado instead.

The Hurt/Tell Me/Hot- 7155Did you know that “Reasonable Doubt” originally had three more songs?  These songs could have changed titles and may have been used on other projects.  No one has been able to deny or confirm if these tracks were eventually leaked or used on any “In My Lifetime” albums or mixtape freestyles.

Dead Or Alive (2Pac Diss)- 1260292100_2pac2Pac really didn’t have issues with Jay-Z directly.  Jay-Z was dissed (as were a few others) only because they were affiliated with Biggie and Puffy and Bad Boy Records.  Jay-Z had never met 2Pac and had never said anything negative up until that point about the California MC.  Jay, was affiliated ofcourse because he was tight with Biggie back in ’96.  2Pac dissed Jay-Z on the “Makavelli” album and Jay recorded a response titled, “Dead Or Alive”.  The song was even performed once at the Apollo, although no footage or even just audio exists anywhere.

Oh Boy Remix- camron-hovCam and Jim Jones swear this song doesn’t exist anymore. Just Blaze says he was there when they recorded the track and they for sure didn’t delete it like they said the did.  Jay wanted to jump on this song of course, because it was killing the radio.  This was played on every urban station around the country every hour back in 2002.  Until Eminem released “Without Me” late that spring, this was the most popular hip-hop song in rotation.  One thing we have heard about this track, is that Jay-Z did diss Nas.

Living So Italian-  fp5IjogoThis one didn’t clear because of sample issues, which the track sampled Andrea Bocelli.  Jay’s close circle has confessed to hearing this unreleased track, but no one else has.  Nor probably ever will.  Jay and Kanye recorded this for “Watch The Throne” album in 2011, and this was even included in the orginial tracklist.  It has been leaked though that Jay’s verse is the verse he had used for “FuckwithmeyounknowIgotit” from Magna Carta Holy Grail.  It makes complete sense now why Jay was making so many Italian references in that verse.

Collab With Raekwon For MCHG- raekwonSo the official track recorded contains a guest feature from Raekwon, but the original plan of the track was for Ghostface Killah.  Jay reached out to Ghostface to record for the 2013 album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, but Ghost couldn’t get his verse done on time.  Raekwon was there in the studio with Jay when Jay recorded the track and was able to hop on it.  Ghost did eventually record a verse for the song, but Hov had already moved on from the track, so no one has ever heard the Ghostface nor the Raekwon version.

Sweep With Drake- Jay_Drake-304According to Drake (and Drake only) in 2009 while recording for “The Blueprint 3”, he and Jay recorded more than just the subpar “Off That” track.  Drake says, that he and Hov also recorded a track titled “Sweep” that was recorded during the BP3 sessions.  We went digging for info on the track and couldn’t find much at all.  But, we do know that if Hov ultimately went with “Off That” for the album instead of “Sweep”, then “Sweep” must have be trash.

Ray-Bans with Jack White- Jack+WhiteAnother artist that Jay-Z worked with during the “Blueprint 3” sessions in ’09 was musician Jack White.  Jack White says that he and Jay-Z recorded a few songs, one in particular, track titled “Ray-Bans” in which the final product was “unbelievable”.  Jay never used the track for the album, and given the quality of some of the B-side tracks of that album, makes us wonder why he didn’t use this one instead.

Let The Money Fall- WALE-Baltimore-High-School-SquareAnother leftover from the “Blueprint 3” recording sessions.  This track was a collaboration between Hov, Kid Cudi and Wale.  Once Hov admitted to Wale that he wasn’t using the track for “Blueprint 3”, Wale wanted the track for his own album, but Hov denied him.  That track is still sitting around away.  Like all the other BP3 leftovers, we question the quality of these tracks.

Any other confirmed tracks that haven’t leaked yet that we missed?


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