10 Of The Rarest Air Jordans Ever

So we are going from the ugliest to the rarest.  This list is the rarest of the rare.  Rarer shoes than the Eminem Encore IVs or the Undefeated IVs.  Those ones had too many produced to nail this list.  Most of these shoes have a run in the single digits, with some being a unique 1 of 1.  When Jordan made these shoes, they didn’t want many people to get their hands on them.

Kareems Biggs Reasonable Doubt IV- reasonable-doubt-air-jordan-4-696x539Nike made Kareem Biggs (co-founder of Rocafella) a special Air Jordan IV dubbed the “Reasonable Doubt” IVs.  On the tongue of the shoe (as shown above) is the cover artwork for Jay-Z’s debut album.  Biggs tweeted a picture of the kicks with the caption, “Coming soon?”  We hope so, but probably not.  As of right now this is a 1 of 1 Air Jordan.

Air Jordan XI “Derek Jeter”- Air-Jordan-11-JeterReleased just last year, this Air Jordan Suede XI was available only to New York Yankees scratch off winners.  If you are interested in being one of only 5 people with these kicks, one pair is available online for $40,000.

Air Jordan Eminem X Carhatt IV- Air-Jordan-4-Retro-Eminem-Carhartt10 pairs (a high number for this list) were auctioned off in 2015 as a collaboration between Air Jordan, Carhatt and Slim Shady.  All 10 pairs were auctioned via eBay and all proceeds went to The Literacy Through Songwriting Program.  The auction netted more than $225K.  We saw Drizzy wearing a pair shortly after the auctions closed courtside at a basketball game.  Screw him.  Khaled also posted a video that he got a pair.  Screw him too.  Now only 8 are out there somewhere.

Air Jordan Retro III MJ’s 40th Birthday Party- air_jordan_3_40th_birthday_laser_cutsThese shoes are so rare that are only two or three photos of them in existence.  MJ has never even been seen (nor photographed) wearing these shoes.  All we have is the two pictures of the shoe and the background story that these were made for his 40th birthday in 2003.  This of course is a 1 of 1 shoe.  Nike should have released him as a hypertstrike in 2003 because these are smoking.

Air Jordan VI Batman- nike-air-trainer-iii-air-jordan-vi-batman-boots-1Even Bruce Wayne likes the Air Jordan VI.  A few pairs (although no one knows the exact number) were constructed into boots in 1991 for Michael Keaton in Batman Returns.  Since these were custom constructed for the actor, our guess is only a single digit run was made.  A few years ago, a single boot surfaced on eBay and sold for almost $9,000.

Air Jordan IV G-Money- air-jordan-iv-gentry-1Another 1 of 1 shoe made specifically for Gentry Humphrey.  This Air Jordan IV has a sketch of Gentry’s face on the side, the same place where Spike Lee has his face.  How dope would it be if Jordan had a special program where you could have a miniature sketch of your face printed on a white pair of IVs?

Air Jordan VI Oscar Edition- air-jordan-6-oscar-gold-spike-6As of right now we know only two pairs exist, although Spike said that his pair was the only one in existence.  And then after he said that, another one surfaced on the internet.  MJ gifted close-friend Spike Lee with a pair of gold Air Jordan VIs in 2016.  These shoes actually have a sheet of real gold.

Air Jordan Obama IVs- nike-air-jordan-obama-customs-01-480x600Air Jordan crafted a special “Presidential” pair of Air Jordan IVs as a gift to POTUS #44.  The IVs are actually Air Jordan 11Lab4s that come in a very special “Presidential” box.  Thus far, we haven’t seen Obama wearing these yet.  Do you think MJ will do the same for Trump???

Air Jordan Black and Gold I Asia- blackgoldSo this one is kinda interesting.  Nike/Jordan released an extremely low run (12 pairs) of a special Black and Gold Air Jordan I in 1985 only in Asia.  In 1985, no one did low number kicks.  No one really did low number kick runs until after 2002 or so.  Twelve pairs are known to exist and anytime they are up for sale they normal go for car prices.

Air Jordan Retro VI “First Championship”- first-championship-jordan-6-cancelled-releaseNike reffered to these as a “special project” back in 2015.  The true story is that 30 pairs of these (the highest of any on the list) were made specifically for the US Men’s Soccer team.  These red, white and blue 3M kicks are pretty nasty, unfortunetly Jordan has assured us that these will never be releasing.

What are your favorite rare airs?


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