The 10 Ugliest Air Jordans Ever

So here it is, some of the worst Air Jordan’s of all time.  Now, since style is all subjective, we didn’t want to names these “The Ugliest Of All Time”, so instead these are SOME of the ugliest Jordans ever released, there are more.  We stuck to only original numbered Jordans.  Dorenberchers were kept off the list as they are designed by children and not professional designers.  Women’s shoes were also off limits, as were grade school versions.  These are some of the worst of Jordan’s designs for men’s shoes over the last 30 years.  Interestingly enough, most of the models on this list are new retroes from the last 5-8 years or so.

Air Jordan VI “Golden Harvest”- air-jordan-6-golden-harvest-sail-wheat-384664-705-1-1-565x372These ones are just hideous.  Like really bad.  Like really, really really bad.  How can Jordan take a classic shoe the VI, totally vomit all over it, put a retro title on it, box them up and put them in stores?  Did anyone else see these as distgusting throughout the entire design process?

Air Jordan II “Decon”- mineral-gold-air-jordan-2-decon-1This is similar to the one above.  The Air Jordan II, one of the most classic Jordan models of them all, simply gets destroyed here.  Was one of the Jordan designers sitting around one day like, “damn, what if we just douse the Jordan II with mustard from top to bottom?”  And boom, this model came to life.

Air Jordan XIII Low “Chutney”-  aj_xiii_retrolow_310810-022_a1_lateral-tWe always thought the Air Jordan XIII lows looked kind of silly.  They always looked a little off to us.  Which considering they are taking another classic, the XIII and squishing it smaller, there definitely is something off when compared to the originals.  Jordan again went with their Dijon mustard/brown mustard colors for this “Chutney” version nightmare.  Dijon and brown mustard should go on a Pastrami, not a Jordan.

Air Jordan XXII “Basketball Leather”- air-jordan-xx2-basketball-blackblack-amber-sha-4Jordan brand really thought they had a great concept on their hands with “basketball leather”.  Not only was it a new design, but the shoes were also billed as “limited”.  They also came in a special box that looked like a giant BigMac box.  What Jordan shoe that’s limited bombed in the stores?  Can’t think of one?  Well this one did.  JB never used the basketball design again.

Air Jordan XV “WVN PSNY”- AThere are a lot of people out there who absolutely hate the Air Jordan XV and feel that every Air Jordan XV variation should be on this list.  Honestly, we have loved the XV (the black and red originals to be more specific) since it was released in late ’99.  The shoe design is a classic 2K futuristic design, well atleast that’s how we see it.  Most people can’t stand them.  Nike has retreoed these a few times over the years, but none of them are as bad as the “olive” version released earlier this year.

Air Jordan 2010 “All Versions”- air-jordan-2010The Air Jordan 2010, is the forgotten shoe in the Jordan line.  Fans want to forget it and the Jordan brand wants to forget it.  The shoe did not sell well when it was released years ago.  And since then everyone has forgotten about it.  No one wears these around, Jordan hasn’t retroed them and for sure no one is talking about wanting these back.

Air Jordan V Low “A Dunk From Above”-  Jordan-AirJordan5RetroLow-819171-135-White-MtllcGoldStar-MidNavyAir Jordan V’s?  Classic.  Air Jordan V OGs?  Classic.  Air Jordan V Retroes?  Some Classic, some good and a couple basura.  Air Jordan V Lows?  Overall, ok, but nowhere near as good as the regular model.  Which brings us to the worst of the worst for the Air Jordan V, the “Dunk From Above”.  Seriously, what the hell happened here?

Air Jordan XVIII “Low”- air-jordan-18-og-low-black-metallic-silver-chromeSo Jordan took an already low cut model, chopped it down to create a new low-cut model of the low-cut shoe.  These were released in 2003, and may have forgotten about them all together.  The Air Jordan XVIII was one of Jordan’s lesser popular models and this was a lesser popular version of the lesser popular shoe.

Air Jordan XX “East Coast”- air-jordan-20-og-east-coastAnother Dijon Mustard variation.  The Air Jordan XX’s you either love them or hate them.  We loved the original, and then hated all of the rest of the other colors released.  Most people side with hating them.  The shoe has an awkward design, and its just awakward to wear with the above the ankle strap.  But forget about functionality, this list is about looks.  And when it comes to looks, this “East Coast” is as bad as it gets.  Maybe the designers were thinking about getting some Pastrami when they were designing this shoe.

Air Jordan Spike Forty- nikeid-jordan-air-spike-40We wanted to stick with the original plan of only using original Air Jordan models and not off-shoot versions, but we just couldn’t leave this off.  The Air Jordan Spike Fortys are an absolute disaster.  Jordan released a few different colorways, and they are all disasters.  You can still buy these online as probably the cheapest Jordans available.  Why?  Because they are a disaster!

Which Jordans do you think are some of the ugliest ever?


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