10 Songs That Jay-Z Wants You To Forget He Recorded

So what are some of the worst songs that one of the greatest of all-time can make?  We went through all of Jay-Z’s catalog (most which we know by heart) and hand picked the worst-of-the-worst.  Those songs that made you think, “what the hell was Hova thinking?”  So here they are, ten of Jay-Z’s worst songs ever.  We wanted to include the videos and links for these songs, but since Jay took down most of his music from YouTube to keep exclusively on Tidal, you are only left with this list.  So here it is:

  1. I Know What Girls Like- 64b5ccfa48e39396615f2ead8294d7fc.jpgJay-Z thought that by teaming up with Puffy and wearing shiny suits, that he would have a huge hit, one bigger than any on “Reasonable Doubt”.  Jay thought that a huge hit would help him do “Life After Death” or “Harlem World” numbers.  Guess what, it didn’t.  At one point in the song, the hook goes, “I know what boys like…..” and its Puffy and Jay dancing in shiny suits.  Not a good look in ’97 or 2017.
  2. Things That U Do Featuring Mariah Carey- mariah-jay-z We get the concept: put a red hot Swizz Beatz with a red hot Mariah Carey laced with three verses from Jay-Z and you got a hit, right?  Wrong.  We are just not sure why Swizz brought out the recorders for his beat.  And the hook is absolutely awful, we aren’t sure why Mariah couldn’t come up with anything better.
  3. Fuck All Nite-  21135993a045ac2a73c028117a0824ca0b837451Probably Jay-Z’s and Pharrell’s worst collabos together and one of the many not needed fillers on “Blueprint 2”.  Pharrell stays in character with one of his classic grown and sexy beats, meanwhile Jay is rapping about Minnie Mouse and French kissing.  You are better off listening to “Change Clothes and Go” or “Frontin”.
  4. Mi Amor Featuring Angie Martinez- tumblr_nhqu7zZSzQ1rrvheyo1_500 You might have forgotten about this one.  I bet Jay-Z and Angie have forgotten about this one.  Angie released a solo album in 2001, which Jay may have secretly written a few verses for her, and they recorded a song titled “Mi Amor”.  The crazy thing, is that from all the songs on the album, she picked this one as the lead single!  The track is just awkward and dull, not anything that would get an audience hyped about an upcoming album.
  5. Keep It Real Featuring Jon B- yGsqsvltA classic 1990s R&B mixtape remix track.  The song is alright, but Jay’s 16 bars at the end of the song are just weak sauce.
  6. Jay-Z Live at Glastonbury- Jay-Z-on-the-Pyramid-Stage-Glastonbury-FestivalNot exactly a song, well technically yes, the intro to his “Jockin Jay-Z” song.  There were a lot of people who didn’t want him opening at Glastonbury in 2008 as there has never been a rap act open before.  So Jay-Z takes the mic and says, “My Name is Jay-Z and I am pretty fucking awesome!”.  If you are that awesome, do you need to say it?
  7. Ghetto Techno- hqdefaultThis is a classic nightmare of a song that has made its way around the internet as one of the worst rap songs ever.  This was slated for Jay-Z’s 2009 album “Blueprint 3 album” which featured Timbaland on the beat.  Something somewhere went terribly wrong.  How can a goat rapper and hit-maker make junk like this?  At least Jay-Z was smart enough to realize that this shouldn’t make the final cut.
  8. Lift Off- Watch_The_ThroneThe worst song on “Watch The Throne” by far.  The album opens with an amazing hype track, and then leads on to this crap.  Maybe this is some amazing artistic material that only Jay, Beyoncé and Kanye can understand and it went over our heads?  We hate it.
  9. Never Change- 4705074161_7baeb8fe69This is the one song from us calling “The Blueprint” a flawless classic.  The album is classic of course, but we cant say a complete 100% classic.  We love The Blueprint, but hate this frickin song.  The beat is nice, as all of them on the album are, Jay’s verses are great, its just the hook that annoys the hell out of us.  We cant be the only ones.
  10. Stop- swizz-beatz-and-jay-zSo, when Jay realized months after being released, that the “Blueprint 2” had too many fillers, so he re-released the album as one disc with this as a bonus track.  We love Swizz and hate Swizz.  This is the Swizz that we hate.  This is one of those 2k2 2k3 mixtape throw-aways that actually ended up on the album.

Which Jay-Z tracks do you hate the most?

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