10 albums no limit records never released

Short Circuit “Gone AWOL”

For those of you that might not remember this one, Short Circuit was the father and at one time manager of the Lil’ Soldiers. The Lil’ Soldier’s album did get released by No Limit Records, but Short Circuit’s was not. Short Circuit first signed with No Limit under the name Freedom in 1998. He was also one of first No Limit artists on “No Limit East”. In addition to “Gone Awol”, No Limit East also announced a compilation album that was also not released. Some of the “Gone Awol” tracks have been leaked to YouTube by Short Circuit himself.

A-Lexxus “Let’s Ride”

A-Lexxus was pretty much slated to be the second version of No Limit artist Mercedes. You probably remember Mercedes’ cover artwork without remembering any of her music. Actually, A-Lexxus was credited with many of the guest vocals on the “Rear End” album. This album was prepped for the summer/fall of 1999 (a theme that you will see repeated over and over in this top ten) at a time when No Limit Records was releasing albums every week. Years later, A-Lexxus would pop up as a guest on a random Daz Dillinger album.

Porsha “Porsha”

Porsha (real name Keryl Dean Watkins) was another No Limit artist was the advertised to be released in July of 1999. Porsha had been on tracks with C-Murder, Mia-X and The Gambino Family. The album was executive produced by Master P and was completely produced by Beats The Pound. The album was first pushed back to the summer of 2000, and then was never released. Porsha was technically not even a No Limit Solider for a year before leaving the label. Porsha is married with kids these days, but is no longer in the music business.

Ms. Peaches “Ghetto Angel”

Here is an interesting one: Between 1997 and 2001, Ms. Peaches appeared on almost every No Limit release either as a singer or a guest writer. Her last guest appearance, which is also her most famous one, was a collaboration with Lil’ Romeo in 2001 for “My Baby”. That song charted at #1 for 13 weeks and was officially the last time Ms. Peaches was on wax. Her completed album “Ghetto Angel” would never see the store shelves.

Two For One “Let’s Go To War”

We went and did some digging but couldn’t find out much about the female rap duo that Master P had signed in 1999. In fact, we couldn’t even locate their real names. They only had a few guests appearances (like around 3 or 4) and we could only find one single song titled “Pass the Ball” that was just them. Even though we couldn’t dig up anything on them, we did dig up that No Limit fans were still interested in hearing the album.

Master P Presents: Down South Hustlers “Makin’ Moves”

This album was technically the part two of an earlier No Limits Record album titled “Down South Hustlers: Bouncin’ and Swingin” that was released back in 1995. The compilation albums that No Limit Records released in the late 90s were actually pretty solid albums. Master P was very skilled at piecing together an album that featured all of its artists instead of just overloading the album with its biggest names. This was one of the compilation albums (there were a few actually) that never did get released. The internet has since labeled this as one one of No Limit Record’s worst cover artworks with poorly pixeled images. It looks like Master P is on the cover, but no one can really confirm it.

D.J. K.L.C. “Beats By The Pound”

If you were to ask rap fans which unreleased No Limit Records fans want to hear the most today, The K.L.C. album is at the top of the list. This was going to be that album that the DJ presents tracks from artists on the label. Just like Timbaland has done and Diddy had done back in the day. This was planned for a Christmas time release in 1999 and most likely would have included many of the unreleased artists on this list.

QB “Ghetto Ingredients”

Another album from 1999 that never saw the light of day. You would have seen this advertised in the cd booklets of C-Murder, Fiend, TRU and Mercedes CDs back in the day. QB was heavily promoted in the cd booklets, which is interesting given that QB only had a handful of guest appearances in total for his time on No Limit Records. This might be one of those albums that No Limit Records promoted before ever having an album recorded. A few years back QB was releasing trap music in Atlanta, just under a different moniker.

MystikalLet’s Get Ready To Rumble

So lets straighten something out. Mystikal did release “Let’s Get Ready” on Jive Records back in 2000. It was his first record since leaving No Limit Records, and sold almost 350,000 units in its first week. However, the album was originally titled “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” and was recorded on No Limit Records. The album was due in the 4th quarter of 1999 (yes, yet another 1999 album) and was targeted for right after Thanksgiving. The released version contains tracks from The Neptunes and we can probably assume that none of those hits were not on the No Limit Records version. Three KLC tracks did make the final Jive version and those were most likely from the No Limit recording sessions.

Tank Doggs “Beware Of The Doggs”

Obviously the most famous and mot sought after No Limit Record of all time. So far these are the facts we have of this album: Master P has said that the album is completed, Fiend, as of a few years ago confirmed the album was completed and C-Murder years ago said that he was going to release the album (which he also said was completed) on TRU Records after he was released from jail. Actually if C-Murder does get his release from jail one day, with MAC now out of prison, maybe a new Tanks Doggs album could be done now, a full two decades later.

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