4 rappers that dissed Notorious B.I.G. after his death

Saigon- Saigon had a huge buzz in the 2000s and his debut album “The Greatest Story Never Told” was one of the most anticipated albums during that time frame. Saigon was original signed in 2004, but it would actually take him years to get that album releases. Until then, Saigon spent a lot of his time on the remix circuit and also doing mixtape tracks. Back in 2005, for whatever the reason may be Saigon decided to take a few shots at the Notorious MC and rap about Biggie not being the greatest of all time, citing some of his worst lyrics.

Lil Yachty- Yachty wasn’t even alive when Biggie was killed in 1997. Years ago, Yachty was asked in an interview to name five Tupac or Biggie songs and he wasn’t able to do it. Later, he was also asked what he thought of Biggie specifically and Yachty called him overrated. Social media went nuts on him, and not too much longer after, Yachty said he re-listened to some of Biggie’s material and changed his mind. He said he was sorry for dissing Biggie without ever really listening to him. Even up until recently Yachty says people still call him put on the Biggie diss.

Topp Dogg- Suge Knight signed Compton rapper Topp Dogg to Death Row Records just after 2Pac had been killed. Topp Dogg was a part of the second wave of Death Row Records artist that were going to the carry the label into the new millennium. Suge Knight was impressed and thought Topp Dogg sounded similar to a young Snoop Doggy Dogg. The rappers most famous song is called “Coming Back To Cali” which samples Biggie’s “Going Back To Cali” song from Life After Death. Not only is the song a major diss at Biggie and Puffy Daddy, but Suge Knight added the song to the Gang Related soundtrack, which just happened to be only months after Biggie had been killed in Los Angeles.

Charles Hamilton- Back in 2012, during Charles Hamilton’s heavy mixtape run, Charles released the mixtape track “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You”. In the song, the Harlem rapper decided to diss the Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Jadakiss, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and more. Charles pretty much attacked anyone who was a famous rapper. 50 Cent had pulled the same maneuver back in 1999, with the track “How to Rob”, but in 50 Cent’s case, it actually worked in his favor and made the rapper more famous. In Hamilton’s case, it was largely ignored by everyone that got dissed and is a track that has been mostly forgotten about.

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