5 unreleased DMX albums we want to hear

The 2021 Unreleased Album- Prior to his very recent untimely death, X had been talking about his upcoming album, mentioning that it was recently completed. X also mentioned that there was a guest Pop Smoke verse and also a collab with Griselda. In addition to that, the reports are that Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Usher have spots on the album as well. X’s manager, Craig Brodhead, has said its one of DMX’s best albums. We are hoping that with the interest in DMX music reaching an all time high, that those in charge of his estate will release it.

The 2008 Gospel Album- Back in 2008, DMX announced two upcoming albums: a rap album (of course) and his first full gospel album. The rap album, would eventually get released in 2012, but only after years of leaks and adjustments. X’s original plan was for the two albums drop together, the rap album and the gospel on the same day in 2008. That gospel album was titled “Walk Me Now and You’ll Fly Later” and we do know that DMX did record material for it. We of course still would love to hear these unreleased gospel tracks.

The Year Of The Dog….Again Original Album- The Year Of The Dog….Again that was released in the summer of 2006, was not actually the original full album that DMX had recorded. DMX had originally recorded the album on Sony Records, but after finishing the album, was not happy with the songs the label wanted to release as singles. Sony released one song off the album, and then a pissed off DMX took his original album over to Columbia Records instead. Given that the Year Of The Dog…..Again album only did lukewarm numbers and was the first DMX album not to chart at #1 when it was released, we would like to hear the original album, which is most likely superior.

The Demo Tape- Known as “DMX the Great” at the time, DMX had recorded a demo tape in 1991 which made its way all the way to The Source Magazine’s unsigned hype column. The album is said to be “4-tracks long” and if you give it a listen, you may actually mistake DMX for LL Cool J. The star of the tape “Born Loser” was the single that the label pushed around. The tape didn’t do as well as the label (Ruffhouse Records) hoped and that was it for DMX. Although the tape does containing 4 tracks, (2 currently heard and 2 not heard) we do know that X did record more songs for that demo/first album. Many Ruff Ryder labelmates have said that X recorded so much early material in the early-mid 1990s that a lot of it was re-recorded and verses were reused for his debut album.

Murda Inc Album- No DMX/Jay-Z/Ja Rule unreleased list would be complete without this album. We all have heard about this one before (and it has made a bunch of our lists on other blogposts) but we just cant forget it. You take a ’99 version of Jay-Z and team him up with a ’99 version of X and also a ’99 version of Ja Rule (which was more hardcore and not radio single-friendly) and who knows what kind of album you’ll get?!?! Considering that both Rocafella Records and Murda Inc Records were under the Def Jam umbrella, any Def Jam affiliated producer could have been called for the project. Unfortunately ego’s got involved (can you guess which one) and this album never happened. At least we do have a handful of tracks to listen to of the trio, and all they do is remind us how classic this album could have been.

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