10 cars biggie Smalls raps about on life after death

Honda Station Wagon- The Honda will always be a popular hoopty, and back in the 90s, Hondas were everywhere being driven by drug dealers. This was one was driven by some kid name Jason in “Somebody’s Got To Die”.

BMW M3- A popular 90s ride, one that’s still popular with collectors and BMW enthusiasts today. A tight BMW Biggie probably gave to one of his side chicks…..or maybe to a member of the Mafia.

Lexus LX 450- Another Biggie favorite, and Biggie did have a Lexus in his personal collection. He didn’t know how to drive, but he still had it. Before their split up, Faith was often the one that would drive him places.

Range Rover 4.6- One of Biggies favorites and most rapped about cars, the Range Rover. On Ready To Die Biggie mentions the Rover a few times. On Life After Death, Biggie says the number after the dot has changed. On Life After Death, only the 4.6 was good enough.

Jeep Cherokee- The Jeep was the preferred SUV for New Yorkers back in the 1990s. The wrangler ofcourse was the preferred ride of the line. But, if you could afford the Cherokee back then and stunt on everyone that had a Wrangler, then that was the ride you picked.

Rolls Royce- Biggie only makes one reference to the luxury sedan on Life After Death, which was on “Nasty Boy”. Biggie had already rapped about Lexus and Mercedes cars, so we can only guess that Biggie would have rapped about Rolls-Royces, Bentleys and Ferraris had he not been killed.

Blue 600 Benz Coupe– No Biggie Smalls’ album would be complete without some Mercedes references. On older Biggie records, Biggie often mentions the 500 Mercedes, but Life After Death only has references of the 600 Benz.

Acura Legend Coupe- A popular ride in Brooklyn back in the day, the Acura Legend Coupe. Actually a lot of Acura cars were popular back in BK in the 1990s. The Acura also happens to be a favorite of old Jay-Z rhymes as well.

And we must also mention the other 12 general references to Benzes on the album. Which knowing Biggies history, would not be anything less than an S Class.

Ferrari- We threw this last one in the mix although Biggie doesn’t actually rap about a Ferrari on Life After Death. But, the original plan for the Hypnotize video was for a Hummer to be chasing a Ferrari instead of an SL 500 that they used instead.

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