5 albums ruff ryder records never released

Fiend- Fiend spend the time span of just over a year as a member of Ruff Ryder Records. Fiend joined the Ruff Ryders right at the label’s peak in 2000. At the time, DMX was the biggest seller in rap, and with Eve selling big numbers as well and the LOX waiting for their turn, the future looked unstoppable. Fiend had a short although successful run at No Limit Records before joining the Yonkers record label. Fiend appeared on most of the Ruff Ryder compilations (which at the time there were a bunch) but never did get a Fiend solo album.

Murda Mook- Everyone knows Harlem rapper Mook as the long time freestyle battler that appeared on the Smack DVDs. Opposing rappers loved to bring up the fact that Mook’s career never went further than freestyle battles. Even after all those appearances on Smack DVD, no label came forward and offered him a record deal. That all changed in 2008, when Ruff Ryder records came forward and gave Mook a contract. Mook did release a single song, but when the Ruff Ryders went independent in 2011, Mook was left in the dust without an album.

Kartoon- You might remember Kartoon as the first west coast artist to sign with Ruff Ryders back in 2006. The label had been trying to add new and different talent than their host of East coast rappers, and Kartoon fit right in. Kartoon did get a couple of features and even got his own Ruff Ryder Records mixtape. Unfortunately that would be the only album Kaetoon released in his rap career.

Aja Smith- Signer Aja Smith got her start on the DMX-featured Exit Wounds Soundtrack. Aja hooked up with the Ruff Ryders and appeared on pretty much all of their releases between 2001 and 2005. After years of performing on other Ruff Ryder artists album, Aja never get the chance for her own her album or even her own single. She would have been the labels only R&B act to release an album.

Neo Da Matrix– Producer hosted albums were a big trend during the mid-2000s. Swizz Beatz had his own album, Diddy released a few also, and many more were released via mixtape. Long term Ruff Ryder and also Rocafella signee/producer, Neo Da Matrix was allotted a solo album back in 2008. The album titled “So Far From Home” was going to feature Ruff Ryder stars as well as Rocafella Records acts. Neo had previously worked with Jadakiss, Swizz Beatz, Rihanna and Cassidy and it was assumed that all those big names and more would have made the album.

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