10 Rappers That collaborated With Michael Jackson

The Notorious BIG-  Biggie has worked twice with Michael Jackson, one for the track “This Time Around” and a second time (posthumously) for the song “Unbreakable” released in 2001.  Biggie has said that he expected to hang out with Michael after recording “This Time Around”, but MJ got up and left when the recording was finished, leaving Biggie hanging.  

Warren G-  Warren G said in the past that he brought two separate beats over to Michael Jackson’s people and that the songs were never used.  So technically, we know that Warren G has worked with Michael Jackson, but we don’t know if Michael Jackson ever worked with Warren G.  Michael is known for not getting rid of his material, so its somewhere.

Puff Daddy-  Around the year 1999, MJ had talked about becoming more interested in hip-hop music and collaborating with hip-hop artists.  There was even a rumor in 2002/2003 that MJ was working on an album that he wanted to be produced by Puff Daddy.  He and Puff did work together on an unreleased song titled “Maybe We Can Do It”.  It was produced by Rodney Jenkins and was intended for the 2001 Invincible album.  We really went digging around for the song and couldn’t find it, so it definitely unreleased.  

Eve-  Eve is another rapper to show up on Michael’s 2001 album “Invincible”.  Eve has a guest spot on the remix to Michael’s last single of the album, “Butterflies”.  That is the only time that Eve got a chance to work with the late pop singer.  Some consider it one of her bet guest rap appearances ever.    

50 Cent-  50 Cent and more specifically Dj Whoo Kid, tried to get Michael Jackson on one of G-Unit’s mixtape back in 2006.  Whoo Kid had met with the King of Pop while on vacation in Bahrain, and when they were hanging out, Whoo Kid mentioned trying to get him and 50 Cent to record together.  Whoo Kid even got as far as getting 50 Cent and Michael Jackson on a phone call to discuss the matter.  Unfortunately that track never did happen.  50 did a get a chance to work with Michael posthumously on MJ’s 2010 album titled “Monster”.  

LL Cool J-  LL was the biggest rap star of the late 1980s.  Pair the most popular rapper with the world’s most popular singer and you got a hit, right?  Well, almost.  LL Cool J teamed up with Michael Jackson in 1990 to record the song “Serious Effect” which was intended for the Dangerous album Michael released in 1991.  For some reason, the collabo didn’t make the final cut and had remained in the Michael Jackson secret vaults.  The song eventually made its way to the internet and Jackson did finally release the song on The Ultimate Collection”

Wreckx N Effect- And speaking of Effects, the 90s rap group Wreckx-N-Effect also recorded with Michael Jackson.  Aquil Davidson got the call to be on Michael Jackson’s 1991 “She Drives Me Wild”.  Markell Riley just happens to be the brother of Teddy Riley, and Teddy Riley worked on part of the production of the song, so that is how a not wildly-popular new jack band got hooked up with Michael Jackson.

Wyclef Jean-  This one is interesting.  Back in 1997, after The Fugees sold millions and millions of albums, Wyclef got a chance to work with Michael on a remix of “Blood On The Dancefloor”.  Jean has said that he froze up meeting MJ as MJ was one of his favorite all time artists and the first concert he ever went to.  Wyclef had a few studio sessions with Jackson, and came out with a remix to the song. Years later after its release, and before Michael Jackson’s death, Wyclef went on a few interviews and said that Michael Jackson used his song and never paid him for his work on the remix.  The following year in which Jackson died, Wyclef spoke of the need to continue Michael Jackson’s legacy and never spoke of Michael Jackson owing him money again.  

Jay-Z-  Jay-Z and Michael Jackson have two official recordings under the belt.  One for Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” Remix in 2001, and also, Michael Jackson does have uncredited back-up vocals on “Girls, Girls, Girls”.  Even better, the two had more plans to collaborate, and Jay-Z had plans for another collaboration on “Blueprint 2” which never did happen, and Michael had wanted Jay-Z to show up on his next album, which although had been long planned, never did happen.  

Run-DMC-  We saved the best one for last.  You want a wild story?  Well here it is: back during the recording sessions of “Bad”, Michael Jackson and Run DMC recorded a song/Drug PSA titled “Crack Kills”.  The song was recorded in 1986 and was intended for the Bad album.  Someone on Michael Jackson’s team thought it would be a good idea to connect the pop star with the trio from Queens and that’s how the concept started.  Apparently before that happened, Run-DMC is on record saying how they were not too fond of the singer.  Michael Jackson was not all that thrilled with the group’s attitude towards him. Rumors of this song run from the song was fully completed to only Run-DMC’s part was recorded in a demo to and get this one, the song was never finished because Run-DMC got furious that MJ’s famous monkey Bubbles bit Jam Master Jay.  Yup, you read that one right.  What’s the actual truth to it?  Who knows, we know one thing for sure, it has never leaked anywhere.   

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