5 Dead Rappers that still have enough unreleased music for another album

Eazy-E- You may not know this but there actually is a bunch of unreleased Eazy-E material still sitting in vaults. The last posthumous Eazy-E album was released in 2002, and even then it was only an EP. There is more much Eazy out there, stretching back to the NWA days. Krazy Dee has said that he has about 5 unreleased Eazy-E tracks, and Dresta has made it public that he had worked on some Eazy-E songs that he was going to release posthumously, but never did in the end. All of those tracks are still out there along with a handful of song originals that have not been released, that are different from the final recordings. If whoever is in charge of his music is reading this, we want more Eazy-E!

2Pac- Alot of unreleased 2Pac material has surfaced since his death, more than any other deceased rapper on the list. The material that is claimed to still be unreleased, are mostly from his early days as a teenager when he was living in Baltimore and rapping under the moniker MC New York. There was one project that didn’t see the light of day titled “Shakurspere” and there is also some material his friends from Baltimore claim no one has ever heard. So, there might actually be more than just one album of material still to be released. There have been plans to release the unheard material in years past, but it never amounted to anything.

The Notorious B.I.G- Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t any real unreleased Biggie music left, because there is. We know it for a fact. Whoever will have the responsibility of finding them has some work cut out for them, as the remaining tracks are spread out all over the place. There is one track in a vault here for one artist, another track in a vault there for someone else. The main ones that are unheard at this point are a few leftovers from the Life After Death album and a bunch of tracks he recorded as a teenager before he signed with Bad Boy Records. On top of that, there are a few more scattered songs that he did that no one has heard.

Big Punisher- There actually was plans for a posthumous Big Punisher album with all new unreleased songs back in the winter of 2006. The producer and owner to the publishing rights, Jellybean Benitez, had a dispute with Sony Music over the tracks, and that was the end of talks for a Big Punisher album. There are rumors of a handful of tracks that are still out there in addition to the Jellybean ones, so there definitely is some material out there than can be used for a new album or two. It’s been almost 20 years since a new Big Punisher album, and die-hard Punisher (like us) hope new music one day does make it out.

Nate Dogg- Like Punisher (and actually now that we think about it, how dope would a Big Punisher/Nate Dogg collabo have been?) Nate Dogg also had plans for a complete posthumous album back in 2012. Now we know, Nate Dogg is not a rapper and this is a list of rappers. We just feel that no artists has been more affiliated with rap than Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg is just as much rap as any non-rapper can be. If you rewind back to 2012, which was two years after his death, the album titled “Its A Wonderful Life” was due out in the summer by United Media & Music Group. So we do know for sure that unreleased Nate Dogg music is out there somewhere. In addition to that album, some artists have also done single songs with Nate Dogg that never got released, so there are a few more tracks out there that we have not heard yet.

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