5 Styles Of Pizza You May Not Know But Must Try

Detroit Style Pizza- buddys-pizzaNext time you are in Detroit, please dont skip out on Detriot Style Pizza.  Detroit style pizzas are cooked in a deep dish rectangular pan with a cheesy crust.  Detroit pizza has become such a popular trend in the last few years, that Detriot style pizza restaurants are popping up all over the map.

Rhode Island Style Pizza- 190304_r33798Rhode Island is home to the grilled crust pizza.  What is that exactly? Instead of putting the pizza in a pan and then shoved in an oven, or just placed in oven, Rhode Island dough is grilled.  The quality does vary throughout the state, so if you go to right place you will find amazing grilled pizza and if you chose the wrong place, you will not be happy.

Milwaukee Style Pizza- 9fa7019b288d8c7aa05396b584eb0ee2Milwaukee style pizza is a thing to people who aren’t from Milwaukee.  Those that are from Milwaukee classify their local pizza as “bar/pub” pizza.  It doesn’t really matter what you want to call it, because if you find the right place in town and pair it with the right beer, its delicious.  The traditional toppings are mushrooms, sausage and onions.

St. Louis Style Pizza- 1448471308947St. Louis style pizza is a real thing.  For those of you who never knew St. Louis had their own pizza, here is a quick lesson on pizza.  St. Louis pizza is a thin, cracker like crust, that is made without yeast.  The pizza is then cut into small squares instead of triangle slices.  Most local pizza places create their pizza with a special cheese called Provel.

Old Forge Style Pizza- 20130801-old-forge-tomatoThe locals of Old Forge, Pennsylvania call their city ” The Pizza Capital of The World”.  The pizza is a Sicilian style pizza cooked in pans i. Which the sauce is heavy on the onions.  Next time you are in the area, go chow down on one of these classic pizzas and see if it competes with NYC or Chicago.  Spoiler alert: it may not beat NYC pizza, but it’s still damn good.

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