5 Former NBA Players In The Marijuana Business

Clifford Robinson- de7d5ff823820d06074efeeb21118ab2Long time NBA vet, mostly remembered for being on the Portland Trailblazers 1992 NBA that reached the finals against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, has been in marijuana business the last 3 years.  Clifford has been spending the last 3 years creating his product named “Uncle Spliffy” which is now available in Oregon.

Brad Miller- brad-miller

Former NBA all star(yup that’s right he was actually an all star) has also joined the weed business in the Mojave Desert.  Miller has opened his own manufacturing facility in Cali with plans to sell 38 different types of Marijuana.

Al Harrington- ifffffffffAt this point in time, Al Harrington seems to be the most famous former-athlete turned marijuana businessman.  Al Harrington seems to be everywhere today: on ESPN doing interviews, in the Wall Street Journal and in Forbes magazine.  Harrington has been in the business for sometime now, with his company, “Harrington Wellness” operating of California.  Harrington started the company with an initial $5 million investment with his cousin, and since his company has expanded to 4 states and currently employees 70 people.

John Salley- 2074085_masterDueces22, the name of John Salleys cannabis company was started by he and his daughter Tyla.  Salley’s company aims at selling organic and luxurious marijuana products such as vape pens and pre-rolls.  Salley’s company name came from his playing days number, 22.

Lamar Odom- lamar_odom_lakers_a_pFormer Laker and NBA champion Lamar Odom, cites his marijuana use as one of the reasons he was able to get over his difficult crack addiction.  Started last year in California, Odom’s company, Rich Soil Organics plans on offering “certain strands that promote wellness”. Odom has partnered with Camp Green that supplies organic and pesticide free cannabis.

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