10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Blue Chips

Shaq and Anthony Hall- 0355319_28In real life Shaq and actor Anthony C. Hall, who plays Tony in the movie, are actual best friends in real life.  In the movie, Tony is first player on the team that is found out to have shaved points in the past.

Lebron- -8HcqbKS_400x400Many believe that the closing speech in which Nick Nolte talks about the attention a 10 year old kid will be getting from recruiters and scouts is foreshadowing of Lebron James.  At the time of release, Lebron was also 10 years old.  Nolte wasn’t too far off as Lebron was the most recruited player of all time.

Bob Cousy- bob-cousyThe part where the Cooz hits 10 foul shots in a row was not planned in the filming.  Cousy seriously couldn’t miss even on purpose during that scene.  He shoots the last shot left handed and still doesn’t miss.

Bob Knight- bobknight-218x300The last game in the movie was not scripted until the final moments of the game.  The teams were playing real pick-up basketball at the time.  Even though the movie was scripted for Bob Knights team to lose, he was mad and still tried to win the game.

Bob Knight- Coach-KnightHere is another little fact about Bob Knight from Blue Chips: Bob Knight donated all of his salary from the movie Blue Chips to Indiana University.

Shaq and Penny- shaq-pennyShaq and Penny played great together during the filming of movie, even though they hadn’t met before.  So much so, that Shaq told the Magic to draft Penny and no one else.  When the Magic drafted Chris Webber instead, Shaq called and complained about not picking Penny.  Twenty minutes later, the Magic changed their mind and a Chris Webber- Penny Hardaway swap was announced.

Coach confesses- 324After the movie debuted in the US in 1994, a sports writer got a call from a Division 1 college coach wanting to spill the beans on recruiting violations.  That coach was Russ Bergman of Coastal Carolina who felt extremely guilty after watching the movie and wanted to confess to all his wrong doings as a college coach.

Scriptwriter-  282679__89892.1519387643.500.500The scriptwriter for Blue Chips had written other sports movie before and since, but is mostly known for his other basketball film “White Men Can’t Jump”.

Extras- Nick-Nolte-Blue-Chips    In some movies, extra get a small payment for being on film, while other films don’t pay extras a dime at all.  For Blue Chips however, extras were PAYING to get tickets as extras so they could watch Shaq, Penny and all the great college basketball players go at it in person.

A Sequel- s-l300Although Blue Chips didn’t get great reviews from critics over the years, among basketball fans it still ranks in the top 10 basketball films of all time.  Most basketball classics such as “White Men Can’t Jump” and “Hoop Dreams” have been talked about as sequels, But never Blue Chips.  There has never been any concrete plans to create a sequel or reboot of the movie.  Besides, whose gonna fill Shaq’s shoes?


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