10 Nas Albums That Never Happened

1. Nas.com- tumblr_m7n5ypUv9o1ro1c3fo1_500The first album on this list: the Nas and Common joint album.  There had been rumors for years that a Nas/Common duo was going to happen, but in 2011, the two titled the album Nas.com and said the album was coming soon.  Well it’s now 7 years later and there is nothing to show for it.
2. Nas/Q-Tip/Common Supergroup Album-  hqdefaultcvcThen we get into a variation of the Nas.com which adds Q-Tip.  Q-Tip and Common had been talking about a joint album for years even before Nas and Common did.  Nas wanted to join the group and in 2012, they announced new material was to come.  Guess what?  There was no Nas.com released, no Q-Tip and Common released, and No Nas/Q-Tip/Common album released.  Are you surprised?
3. Lost Tapes 2- 1c40225b9da01443cb99f010-lWith the success of the first Lost Tapes album, it was only natural for fans to expect a Part II album.  Lost Tapes 2 even got as far as having release dates published in XXL and The Source Magazine.  Nas certaintly has more classic leftovers that haven’t been used, so whats the hold up Nas?
4. Murder Inc. AlbumDflRO6iVMAA5jhkNas went through a weird phase in the fall of 2002, by unofficially becoming a member of Irv. Gotti’s Murder Inc.  Now remember, Irv and Jay-Z go back years and years and in the middle of Nas and Jay-Z’s historic beef, gets Nas to join the label.  Well, sort of join the label.  Nas never did officially join the crew, but for a while he was a part of them.  He was on a remix with Ashanti and Ja-Rule and did perform a couple times live with the label.  But that was as far as it would go.  Then just three months later, Nas released his album under Ill-Will and Columbia.
5.  The Salaam Remi Albums- avatar_smallWe are calling this the Salaam Remi albums but it’s not actually his albums.  Or, maybe it is all his music.  We don’t actually know right now.  In an interview last year, Salaam said he has 2-3 albums worth of unreleased tracks.  He said it’s up to Nas if he ever wants to release them or not. No one knows if this is new material from a specific un-named album or previous albums leftovers.
6. The Swizz Beatz Album- Swizz-Beatz-Nas_01-30-2014Swizzy let everyone in on a secret last summer by stating that he and Nas recorded a full album in 2016.  While in LA, he and Nas recorded a “super crazy” album that only took a week to complete.  So far no one has heard any of it.

7. Nas and Dr. Dre Album- nas-dr-dreNow this one is at the top of our lists of Nas albums that we always wanted to hear.  Just imagine it, 12 tracks of Nas over Dre.  All we have is our imagination and the few tracks that they collaborated on, because this album will never come out.
8. Nas and DJ Premier Album- nas-premier-compressedThis one we already know would be a classic.  Each and every Nas and Preme track is classic, so why would any new material be any different?  Nas said he planned to drop this album on the same day as the all-Dre project, giving fans two brand new Nas albums on the same day.  Sounds crazy right?  Well, it was.
9. Watch The Throne Original Album- nasjayWhen Nas and Jay reconciled their differences back in 2005, fans assumed that a joint hip hop titan album would come.  The two did release a few tracks, but never a complete duo album.  When Yeezy was announced as Jay’s partners for the Watch The Throne album, fans thought the album would have been better with Nas instead.
10. Nas and Mobb Deep Album- nas-mobb-deepBack in 2011, Havoc stated in an interview that he, Prodigy (R.I.P.) and Nas were going to release an album.  The first track completed was the “Dog Shit” track and the trio expected more classic tracks to follow.  They never released anything else nor spoke much about the album again.



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