10 Artists That Biggie Loved Listening To

Biggie was actually a huge fan of many different music genres.  Biggie was not only the  master MC, but also a master rap music collector.  Biggie knew of everyone, including many obscure underground artists from other states.  Here is our list, some of which you may not know of some of Biggie’s favorite musicians.

  1. Sade- 81VQ2Qr3MgL._SY355_Biggie loved listening to R&B, and one of Biggie’s favorite R&B singers, was Sade.
  2. Too Short-  too-short-bankruptcyOf all the west coast rappers that Biggie loved listening to, Too Short was his absolute favorite.
  3. Isley Brothers- Isley-Brothers-um01Biggie was a huge fan of the Isley Brothers and was even trying to get them on the “Life After Death” album.
  4. King Tee-  tumblr_m9hz7146oR1rrofp4o1_400Biggie was a huge west coast rap music fan and rapper King Tee was one of Biggie’s west coast favorites.  Biggie often said that he was heavily influenced by King Tee.
  5. Rakim-  1357656740_8457a28b1a42791dc2df780dca2c0057Biggie was more than just a huge fan of Rakim, those close to Biggie said he “worshipped” Rakim.
  6. Jeru The Damaja-  300x300Even though Jeru and Biggie and Puffy had a beef before his killed, Biggie was always a huge fan of Jeru.
  7. Scarface-  2-scarface_304Biggie was a huge Scarface fan, its too bad the two were never able to record together.  Would have been a classic.
  8. Lady Of Rage-  rageBiggie loved the “Afro Puffs” song and tried a bunch of a times, unsuccessfully to record with The Lady of Rage.
  9. Korn- la-1543704-et-1010-korn-brm04-jpg-20131009Biggie actually listened to a lot more than just rap music.  Biggie was a big fan of rock and country music.  He was a big fan of Korn and that’s why Korn has an appearance on the “Biggie Duets” album.
  10. Jay-Z- 416x416 Jay-Z was one of Biggie’s all time favorites, and Jay used to play records for Biggie before putting them on his album to get Biggie’s expert opinion.

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