10 albums that maybach music group never released


Rick Ross still talks about this album and speaks of it as if it’s still down the pipeline somewhere. Nas released “Magic” just within the last few weeks, and fans are hoping that now that Nas has this album out of the way, he could possibly focus on this album. Ross just released his personal album in the last two months, and it seems as if he has nothing else on schedule for the next year other than the “Self Made Volume 4” album, which as of now may or may not happen. Now would be the perfect time for these two to get this on track for later on in the year.

Teedra Moses “The Empress Pride”

Teedra had a released an album back in 2004, it didn’t sell well but to music insiders and fans alike was critically acclaimed. Moses had been signed to TVT Records and then the label filed for bankruptcy. Moses signed with Maybach Music in 2011, and was the first official female artist on the label. Moses did release a mixtape and an EP under the MMG name, but her lead album “The Empress Pride” was never released. All these years later, she still looks fine.

Bugatti Boyz Album

Sooooooo, we included this one on the list as a bonus. After Diddy and Ross announced this album which was over a decade ago now, it was never clear whether this was a Maybach Music album, a Bad Boy Records album, or a joint project between the two companies. Ross and Diddy announced this album all over YouTube at the time, and the only thing to show for it was just two songs, one which became a single and the other surfaced on a mixtape.

Magazeen Album

Rozay had big plans for Dancehall artist Magazeen back in 2011. In fact, once Magazeen was signed, Maybach Jamaica was also created as a home for more Dancehall artists to join the label in the future. At the time, Magazeen was residing in Miami, and Ross flew him and the label to Jamaica right away to get moving. Three videos for Magazeen were shot off the bat and a few tracks were released via mixtapes. Rozay had such high expectations for adding international artists to his label that he was also discussing a Latino branch of the brand as well. Some social media accounts still exist for Maybach Jamaica, but nothing has been posted since 2015.

Rick Ross and Drake “Y.O.L.O.”

You might have thought that this album would be officially dead, but think again! As of just weeks ago, Rick Ross said that this album may still be in the works. This album has been discussed and talked about for over ten years now. The album ten years ago was titled “Y.O.L.O.” but a short while after Drake said he didn’t want to use that phrase anymore as the title of the album. After a lot of digging, we learned that the two never officially recorded music together specifically for this album. Years ago, Drake claimed that he had worked on some music alone and Ross said that whenever they had been in Miami together, they had been hanging out and partying, not working on music. So, if this album does ever come out, it looks like it will be all new music.

Wiz Khalifa album

Rozay was desperately trying to sign the Pittsburgh rapper in 2010. Khalifa had been signed a few years earlier to a major label, had a solid buzz but then was dropped. Ross started to show interest in Khalfi at a time when Khalfi was building a stronger community but wasn’t signed with anyone. Rozay flew Khalfi to his studio and they even recorded music together before signing a record deal. Khalfi has said that he felt Ross understood his long-term vision of what he wanted to become. In the end, Khalfi didn’t sign with MMG and fans still wonder how dope a MMG Wiz Khalfi album would have sounded.

Just Brittany Album

You might have heard of Just Brittany for a whole bunch of reasons, but none of them will be because she is recording with Maybach Music anymore. You may recall that Ross signed the Texas rapper in 2017 from being one of the winners of the reality show “Signed”. Prior to appearing on the show, Brittany was a part of Cash Money Records and had released music with Houston area artists like Z-Ro and Slim Thug. Brittany started calling herself “The First Lady Of Maybach Music” even though she was technically only to signed to label with a single deal, meaning she was under contract for only one song. If the song ends up being a success, then a bigger deal would be offered. She only released one song during her time on the label, and it was not a track affiliated with Maybach Music.

The H Album Volume 2

You may have forgotten about this one over the years, but back in 2013, Rick Ross and Birdman released a joint mixtape the two had been talking about since 2008. After five years of talking about it and recording for it, the two finally released it and spoke about releasing “Volume 2” in the next year. “Volume 2” never did see a release day and given the tension and beefs these two have had over the years, it’s pretty safe to say it will never be. Both the rappers had said that all the music they were releasing together was previous music they had stashed in the vault from 2008-2010.

Fat Trel Album

D.C. rapper Fat Trel signed to Maybach Music in 2014 after a signing battle between Rick Ross’ label and Master P’s No Limit Forever Records. The self-proclaimed “Ol Dirty Bastard Of Maybach Music Group” Trel had previously released a mixtape under P and No Limit, but after much back and forth, decided to ink the deal with MMG. Trel did the rounds with MMG appearing on tracks and appearing during a few concerts, but never an official Maybach Music album. Trel has said in the past that alot of music he recorded while on MMG had a lot of guest appearances by close friend Wale.

Tracy T Album

Tracy T (real name Tracy Richardson) signed with MMG at the same time as Fat Trel did. Unlike Fat Trel though, Tracy did actually get an official single released, titled “16” with Meek Mill back in 2013. Interestingly, when interviewed years ago, T admitted that although he was prepped to release a mixtape and then a debut album, that the mixtape would definitely get released, but the album he was less sure of. It seems that after leaving MMG without an album released, the Atlanta rapper is now more known by his relationship with his girlfriend Kash Doll than his music.

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