5 air jordan collaborations we still want to see

Air Jordan x Christian Dior XI

The Jordan Brand absolutely smashed the Air Jordan x Christian Dior 1 release. When we originally heard of plans of the Christian Dior collab, we had low expectations for it. But, Jordan smashed it and was one of the most hyped releases of the year. What’s next after creating an amazing Air Jordan 1 model? The next model to smash would be an Air Jordan XI. We know that if Jordan teams up with Dior for another shoe, they could kill an XI release. Since Jordan likes releasing a flagship XI model right before Christmas, how about an Air Jordan XI x Christian Dior release a week before December 25th?

Air Jordan x NFT

It is actually a little baffling to us that the Jordan Brand has not officially jumped into the NFT market yet. NFT artists have done Air Jordan NFT designs, but the Jordan Brand has not yet stepped forward and offered an official Air Jordan NFT. Where’s the best place to start? An Air Jordan 1 NFT, limited to 23, of course. Obviously Jordan has unlimited options in the NFT space, they could release an NFT for each shoe, create a completely new digital Air Jordan model, they could do a specific model NFT that matches up with a Michael Jordan basketball achievement, the possibilities just go on and on and on. Jordan is personally invested in NBA TopShot and the sneaker NFT releases have released have a huge following. The demand is there for sure. We would love to see a NFT in the upcoming year and from rumors we have heard, an official Air Jordan NFT is in the pipeline in the future.

Air Jordan x Tom Brady

You are either going to love this idea or hate it. Buccaneers QB Tom Brady recently said that when he set a goal to win championships, his goal was not to catch Joe Montana (who has four rings), his goal was to catch Michael Jordan with the famous six rings. Now, even though fans from both sports have liked to compare the accomplishments of each athlete and decide who truly is the goat, we are not going to dive into that. Brady has been an amazing QB and is the best QB to ever touch a football. We also personally believe that Michael Jordan is the GOAT. Both have had amazing careers in their respective sports, but trying to cross-compare the two across sport lines is not fair to either athlete. The two are friends and have golfed and played basketball on multiple occasions. Brady has always had nothing but praise for MJ’s greatness and Jordan completely respects Brady. Just think if Jordan could officially collaborate on a Air Jordan shoe with TB12? The two goats coming together and forming a unique Jordan Brand model. It appears as (well maybe not clearly) that Brady will lace them for another season or two, max. The Buccaneers are favorite this early in the season, so now is the time to put into place a Tom Brady Air Jordan shoe. What do you think about an Air Jordan IV in Tampa Bay Buccaneer colors with TB12 on the back?

Air Jordan x Notre Chicago

So, deciding on this location was a tough one. Jordan has done collaborations with boutique sneaker stores in the past (think of the super-rare Undefeated IVs and Miami boutique’s Solefly limited releases) and they have always sold out, exceeded the hype and have been coveted by fans around the world. There a number of fantastic sneaker boutiques around the US such as Bodega in Boston and Sneakersnstuff in New York City, but it would take the right store and the right Jordan to get a limited hyped release right. But, nothing however would be more cool than a Chicago boutique releasing an extremely limited shoe (say 23 pairs as usual) in ether the Chicago Bulls red/black or white/red. How does an Air Jordan x Notre V sound to you?

Air Jordan x Jason Tatum/Zion Williamson/Luka Doncic

And we saved this one for last. Air Jordan has signed some serious young talent in the last two years and their roster is led by three young superstars: Luka Doncic, Jason Tatum and Zion Williamson. Each player is destined to be an NBA champion and a few years down the road may just be the three best players in the league when Lebron James, Kwahi Leonard and Anthony Davis retire. We would love to see a limited Air Jordan release (but not too limited, more than just 23 pairs) of an Air Jordan PE featuring any one of these three players. Or maybe Air Jordan wants to go all in an do a special limited PE (that is released to the public) featuring each of these young NBA stars. A model that comes to mind that has had PE in the past but were not released to the public is the Air Jordan XII. Just think how dope an Air Jordan XII PE would be in Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Pelicans color schemes would be.

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