5 CLassic sneakers worn by michigans fab five

Air Jordan IX

The Fab Five wore alot of icon shoes during their run, but we start the list off with a classic Air Jordan. Obviously Michael Jordan would have been the first person wearing these in the NBA, had he not retired in the fall of 1993. The first NCAA player to wear the famous Air Jordan IXs was none other than Michigan point guard Jalen Rose. Chris Webber had just been drafted number #1 in the NBA draft, and it was Rose’s time to shine and lead the wolverines. What better way to take the lead role than with a new pair of Jordans no one else had.

Nike Air Command Force 180

AKA The Billy Hoyles. Technically, Webber did not wear the Billy Hoyles while a Michigan Wolverine (although it actually would have matched the jersey nicely). Webber did however, wear these shoes while a senior at Detroit Country Day during the days Steve Fisher was recruiting him. These shoes were the highest retail priced shoe in the market, and only the biggest big ballers could afford them. Webber was an All-American his senior year and one of the greatest high school power forwards that played high school ball in the 90s. There really was no better shoe that suited him.

Nike Air Huarache

In the last 19 years of the shoes’ history, a lot of famous players have worn one of the many the Nike AIr Huarache models. Kobe Bryant did, Scottie Pippen did, Reggie Miller did, John Startks did and a number of other NBA greats. No player or moment though was bigger in 1992, then when a group of five fabulous freshman took the court in the 1992 March Madness tournament. Everyone that was watching the tourney was watching those freshman, and guess what they had on their feet: Nike Air Huaraches. And Nike had nothing to do it.

Nike Air Max 180

The Fab Five brought out the short black ankle socks (a trend that began with them) to match these Nike Air Max 180s. The Fab Five wore these during their second Final Four appearance in 1993, and was the shoe that Chris Webber was wearing at the time of his famous time out call when they did not have any timeouts available. A classic 1990s basketball worn by Charles Barkley, Will Smith and others has been so popular over the years that it has been retroed multiple times over.

Nike Air Flight Maestro

Another early 90s classic. In case you forgot, the second version of this shoe, an all red model was worn by Scottie Pippen in the 1994 NBA All Star Game in which he also won the MVP. These are the first model and a pair that the Fab Five wore during the 1992-1993 season. Pippen also loved shoe and wore them during a bunch of Chicago Bulls games in 1993. In 1992, these looked dope, and now in 2021, these still look just as dope.

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