10 Greatest high school dunkers ever

#10) Bill Walker- Some of you may not even know this guy is. Walker, who now goes by Henry, was a former NBA player that played for the Celtics and Knicks during the past decade. Walker would have been a high draft pick had he not had recurring knee injuries. If there is to know one thing about Walker, he could dunk and fly with the best of them. While in high school, which again, we can verify this thanks to YouTube, any time he could windmill a dunk, he did it. He probably threw dunk a windmill dunk in every single one of his senior year games.

#9) Jerry Stackhouse- Before their was Vince Carter, there was Jerry Stackhouse. Some of you may not know this, or have forgotten, but Stackhouse in his younger days could get up! In high school, he was the player in the nation that they said would be the next Michael Jordan. At a time where the newspaper was the main source of information, fans used to drive for hours (even from out of state) to watch would kind of dunks Stackhouse could do. And even at 17 years old, a young Stackhouse didn’t disappoint.

#8) Jimma Gatwech- Its so difficult to put one of the young guys on the list as the young players today have taken in game dunks to another level. High school freshman today do between-the-legs dunks during games. This guy though, he can do every dunk anyone has ever done. Whatever anyone on this list can do, he can do it also. He’s also the first player at any level to ever dunk under both legs during a game. Guys today in the NBA are doing that in a dunk contest, and Jimma did this during an actual game. May actually be the best high dunk of all time.

#7) Derrick Rose- If you have never seen Derrick Rose’s high school mixtapes, you need to stop and do so! Rose’s mixtapes were one of the original internet mixtapes that were getting views during the early days of YouTube. Rose’s high school dunks were the same things he was doing in the NBA prior to his injuries. Dunking on bigger players, alley-oops over everyone, and just throwing it down as hard as a point guard could do.

#6) Derrick Jones Jr- No one should be surprised of this one, Portland Trailblazer forward Derrick Jones Jr. Some people have even said that he’s the greatest high school dunker of all time. And while he may not be in the top three, as far as lay-up lines go, he probably would be in the top three of that. And as far as lefties go, Jones is the second best left-handed dunker of all time, right behind Zion.

#5) Lebron James- You knew Lebron was going to fall on this list somewhere. Lebron is one of the best in-game dunkers of all time. Even at 37, Lebron is still throwing it down with authority. Twenty years ago (yes can you believe its been 20 years since he was in high school) Lebron was doing crazy dunks on a national televised schedule against the best high school teams around. Anytime he got out in the open court, you just knew he was going to do something crazy. While the in-between-the-legs dunk he did may not be the greatest high school dunk of all time, its probably the most famous.

#4) Shawn Kemp- Kemp was a dunking machine since he was 12 years old. Kemp was doing 360 dunks during high school games at a time when no one dared to do it. Kemp is one of the greatest high school basketball players of all time in Indiana, so luckily today there still is a lot of footage of it. You can tell by watching just why NBA scouts were all over him at that age.

#3) Ronnie Fields- When you watch Ronnie Fields’ highlight videos, it crazy to remember that Fields was only 6’1. Some even thought he was actually closer 6’0. That’s how tall Rajon Rondo is just for comparison. When you see his videos, his vert is so insane that he actually looks taller than his 6’1 listing. Fields was basically a smaller version of Vince Carter. All of the dunks that Vince Carter was doing, Fields was doing the same in Chicago. If you were to compare their verticals, Fields vertical may even have been higher than Carter’ was. Just imagine what a Fields/Carter dunk off would have been like.

#2) Zion Williamson- Some people will say that Zion Williamson deserves the number one spot here. The dunks that he was doing during high school games are what the pros do during the slam dunk contest during all-star weekend today. And honestly, we did debate on whether Zion deserves the top spot. Even though we didn’t give it to him, it was really really close. We think (although we are not certain) that Zion is the only basketball player to ever attempt a 360-between-the legs dunk during a game. He missed it, and that remains probably the greatest missed dunk of all time, at any level.

#1) Vince Carter- Any list for any kind of “greatest dunker” is incomplete without Vince Carter at #1. Vince is the greatest dunker of all-time. The end. Vince Carter is the best all-time NBA dunker, the best dunker all-time in college, the best dunk ever in Olympic competition and also the greatest dunker of all-time in high school. Even though Vince played high school ball in the 1990s, YouTube has blessed us with footage from those days so you can witness just how great he was.

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