10 Records Aftermath Entertainment never released

Dr. Dre Planets Album- Dre has claimed that he was already in the process of creating this album, so apparently some of it was completed. Knowing Dre, that could mean 50 different songs have been recorded for it or maybe none at all. This was supposed to be released in 2011 and was a concept all-instrumental album of what Dre thought the different planets in our galaxy would sound like.

Bishop Lamont- Bishop Lamont was supposed to be the west coast newcomer in 2008. After being signed since 2005, 2008 was supposed to be his year. He released one single, did some radio interviews and then a few others got released/leaked. And as you may have guessed, the album never did come out. Which is unfortunate as Lamont was considered the artist with most potential at the label. Even better, Lamont has said he was also working on a sophmore album that was entirely produced by Dre and Scott Storch, so thats two different albums for this one.

Eve- Many fans don’t know this one, so incase you don’t, Eve was signed to Aftermath Entertainment before she signed with Ruff Ryder Records. Eve was signed to the label with an album to come, but once Eminem signed to label and started receiving the buzz that he did, 100% of Dre’s focus went to him. Just months later Eve was dropped from the label. Eve has said recently that she was heartbroken when it happened.

Rakim- After Rakim signed on to Dr. Dre’s label, the Queens MC picked up his life and moved out west for the highly anticipated “Oh My God” album. It was hyped as going to be Rakim’s best album in his career. Three years later however, Rakim had absolutely 0 beats from Dre, just 15 Aftermath Entertainment producer beats. That was the start and finish of the album.

Hayes- As a new artist, Detroit rapper Hayes could not have asked for anything more. He signed with both Dr. Dre and Timbaland and they were going around promoting him to anyone that would listen. Timbaland even said his story telling skills were on par with the late-great Notorious BIG. Not only did Hayes’ album never come out, even worse, he was part of a murder-suicide that ended his life in 2013.

Dawn Robinson- Robinson signed to Aftermath Entertainment at the time that Dre was piling up artists in order to fill out a roster label. Robinson was Dre’s first R&B artist and recognized after some time that that label did not know how to have a R&B artist. This also came at a time that Dre was producing the Firm album as well as working on his own material. Dawson said as time passed, she fell further and further down the priority list.

The Eminem Vault- While this is not a single album per se, it had to be put on the list. We just couldn’t leave this one off. This actually breaks down to 6 or 7 full albums. While being interviewed two yearss ago, Dre shared that he and Eminem have over 100 songs locked away in the vault. Some of these songs were just silly stuff they recorded in the studio, while others are full unreleased album tracks. Dre said that material will be only for them and fans will never ever get to hear any of it. Doh!

Up In Smoke Compilation Album- Originally slated for 2001, Dre was going to release the “Up In Smoke Tour” as an album, featuring live performances from the concerts as well as some new recorded material from the participating artists. Unfortunately that never happened.

Hitman Album- Hitman was Dre’s original protégé. After signing to Aftermath and contributing both as an artist, writer and ghost writer, fans expected a full solo length Hitman album to follow in 2000 or 2001. His first single, titled “Last Dayz” was even on the B-Side to Dr. Dre’s single. Well, since its on this list, you already know what happened to it. Hittman had some of his earlier material with Dre leaked on a bootleg, but no official Aftermath release.

Detox- No unreleased hip hop album list is complete without Detox. Actually, any music list of unreleased albums has to include Detox. Detox, is one of the most famous unreleased albums in music history, period. Regardless of the genre. Remember like 15 years ago when Eminem said jokingly, “Detox 2020”? We all hoped it was a joke, but kinda not, as we wanted it released before then. Maybe it will be 2040 at this rate.

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