Oh, this is just 7’7 Manute Bol swimming in a pool. Nothing crazy about this one, right?!?! He only takes up half of the pool! The more you look an examine this photo, the more that it looks photoshopped. It is 100% real. Now that the Celtics were teaching Tacko Fall to swim in the Disney bubble, maybe one day a comparison photo can be made.
Bob Cousy going around the back in the early 1960s. Back then, everyone thought Cousy was crazy doing this stuff because no one in the NBA had ever done it. The only players dribbling like that were Globetrotters, not NBA players. Now, 4th graders with their own YouTube mixtapes do this. But back in Boston in the 60s, this was next next next next level ball handling.
So, technically this isn’t a real NBA photo. But since James White did play in the NBA for the Knicks, and the picture is crazy, it made the final cut. All the stories of players touching the top of the backboard, whether it was Earl Manigault, or Sidecar Jackson or David Thompson, there has never been any actual proof of it. Sure, there are eye witness accounts, but nothing definitive. Here you have probably the highest vertical jump picture ever in the history of basketball.
This one is just ridiculous. Straight ridiculous. We all know of this famous play. And behind Michael Jordan’s change of hands layup in the 1991 NBA Finals, this lay-up maybe the next most famous. As you can see, at one point in this play Dr. J has the ball extended out so far that the ball is out of bounds. And all in one swift Dr. J just lays it up off the backboard like he was practicing a free throw.
You won’t find another picture like this one. In any sport. One man and 11 rings. The definition of a winner.
One of our favorites. Another picture you won’t find many of: a kid playing against grown men. Kobe’s father used to throw Kobe into games against adult grown men and see how he would do. These guys were pros in Italy and he was just a kid. And even though he wasn’t playing mamba ball against them, he still proved that he belonged.
This is from that time that Robert Parrish just decided to start whacking at Bill Laimbeer’s face instead of going for the rebound. In the 80’s this was all good. Chief got a regular foul, or perhaps a tech. Today, that would be considered a flagrant foul, Chief would been kicked out of the game, suspended for 30 games and have to serve community service.
Whats so “ridiculous” about this one you ask? This is JamesOn Curry, and yup that is his real name. But, thats not the crazy part. In 2010, JamesOn Curry had the official shortest career of any NBA player on record. He suited up for 3.9 seconds at the end of the third quarter and would never see an NBA floor again. This image captures the shortest NBA career ever.
When you truly think about it, this might be the most ridiculous picture on the list. The 2004 Olympics that were held in Athens, Greece. The last time the US men’s basketball team lost a game and the last time they didn’t win gold. Forget the rest of the squad, how can a team of Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony lose a game? You can tell they were not proud of the moment. Probably the last time it ever happens.
The moment right before the moment. At this point in time everyone watching is assuming this one is over. Had the Lakers gone down 3-2, with that early Spurs dynasty, its pretty much over. And that is the correct word to describe this photo: over. Except, to everyone but Derek Fisher, who was a half second away from launching the quickest shot release ever and one of the mot dramatic buzzer beaters ever.

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