The Greatest Basketball Names Ever

Fennis Dembo- fennis-dembo-detroit-pistons

Auto correct kept trying to change this one.  I guess Fennis Dembo isn’t logged in the dictionary.  All jokes aside, this former Piston has had a wild life.  He played high school ball in Alabama, starred in college at Wyoming of all places, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a cowboy, played one year for the Pistons before playing 5 years in CBA and even killed a man during a home robbery in which he was defending himself.  There you go: Fennis Dembo’s life summary in one sentence.

Dick Versace- 51WaoTSf9lL._AC_SX342_First name Dick last name Versace.

Paris London- athlete_407328_profileYup that’s his official name Paris London.  London was a high school All-American in the 1990s and played at Memphis before going undrafted.  Fun fact: in college he was almost the same size as Zion, just minus the hops and the game.

Uwe Blab- blab9091sb

7 foot 2 center German center Blab played for the Hoosiers in college and was a first round pick by the Mavericks.  Blab underwhelmed in his career given that he was a top 20 pick.  Blab has become famous online for sitting in a burning chair.

Fat Lever- hqdefaultwwwwwww

Fat Lever probably had the best career of anyone on the list.  In fact, he beats anyone on this list by miles.  Lever carved a nice career for himself and was considered one of the best point guards of the 1980s.  Lever routinely lead his team in rebounds despite being 6’3.  He got his name Fat because his brother could not pronounce his real name Lafayette.

Eric Money-  613HuUilm2L._AC_SY445_

There is probably no better last name that could go on an NBA jersey than “Money”.  Money had a decent NBA career that lasted 8 years.  Fun fact: Money is the only player to officially score a point for both teams in the same game.  Yeah, check that one out.

Dick Duckett- Hawks60-61HeadDickDuckett

Dick Duckett sounds like a 70s porn star name.  Duckett played for one season in 1957 and averaged a whopping 3.4 points and 1.4 assists per game.  We can only guess what was his career choice after that.

Bimbo Coles- 593803d4c36b0.image

Bimbo isn’t actually his real name, but he would rather go by his nickname than his real name Vernell.  Bimbo’s cousin gave him the nickname when he was just a baby, after a popular country song at the time.  Bimbo tried getting rid of it, but everyone convinced him that people would remember that name and it stuck forever.

God Shammgod- 16_400x400

You knew this guy was going to be on the list.  Maybe the greatest name of all time.  His original name was Shammgod Wells but changed it while playing at Providence College.  One of the greatest dribblers to ever touch a basketball.

Magnum Rolle- Bahamian-Magnum-Rolle

We saved this guy for last.  Who doesnt want to have a Magnum Roll in life? Unfortunately this guy was drafted in the NBA but never found a spot on an NBA squad.  He has spent most of the time bouncing around the G Leauge and overseas in Asia.  His parents name him after the TV show Magnum P.I.



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