The 10 Cars Biggie Raps About On Ready To Die


Nissan Pathfinder- “I got a pack of Ruff Ryders in the back of the Pathfinder…”  You can just picture Lil’ Cease and some of the other Junior Mafia members in the back with Biggie riding shot gun.


Mercedes Benz 500SL- The 500SL was Puffy’s personal car.  Actually Puffy said once Bad Boy Record was off the ground and making money, he bought two 500SLs, one was a convertible and one was a hard top.  He was only 21.


Dodge Caravan- The Dodge Caravan was actually a very popular car back in the day.  This was the last time frame before SUVs became a major thing everywhere.  This was the choice of van for families, guys who painted or did labor jobs and those who were on their way to Maryland with a master plan.


Range Rover- Back in the early 90s, if you were ballin, you had a Rover.  Either a Land Rover or the more expensive Range Rover.  In New York, all the young doctors, attorneys, wall street guys, and up and coming rappers had one of these.


Lexus Coupe- The car of choice of many Brooklyn rappers back in the day: The Lexus.  Biggie liked this car of course for the ease of opening the sunroof and releasing “buck shots”.


Toyota Land Cruiser- Just a bad ass SUV from back in the day.  The Toyota Land Cruiser was on par with the Range Rover or any other high end Jeep in 1993.  You can just picture this car parked right outside 226 St. James Place.


Drop Top BM- This is one of the three different cars that Biggie raps about in his second single “Big Poppa”.  Those early 90s BMWs were something else now.  A classic then and a classic now, just like “Big Poppa”.


Infiniti Q-45- Probably Biggie’s favorite car at the time, was the Infiniti Q-45 sedan.  There are multiple references to this type of car on “Ready To Die”, more than any other type of car.


Lexus GS300- Jay-Z may have made this car more well-known from his debut “Reasonable Doubt”, but it was Biggie who put it in his rhymes first.  Not just that, but the Lexus GS-300 also had many references on Junior Mafia’s “Conspiracy Album” as well.


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