10 Things You May Not Know About Scarface

  1. ElviraIn order to get Michelle Pfiffer to look more and more like an addict as the movie carries on, she went months living off only tomato soup and Marlboro cigarettes.
  2. hqdefaultThe Scarface house, which is located in Montecito, California was on the housing market for over 3 years before getting sold.  The house originally had an asking price of $35 million and dwindled all the way down to $12 million before being sold.  A true steal for a famous mansion in Montecito!
  3. 3326138043_08cc736e96Tony is only addressed as “Scarface” one time in the entire film, and that was in Spanish during the chainsaw scene. So, technically the word “Scarface” in English is never used.
  4. x-ratedScarface was edited 4 separate times prior to be released in order to get away from an X rating.  The original rating for Scarface was XXX, one of the first times a crime movie received the rating.
  5. cuban-link-1-600x450“Scarface 2: Son of Tony” has hit the drawing board many times over the last 20 years. Back in the day, Michelle Pfiffer did agree to join as Tony’s mother in the Cuban Link version.  One version of the movie had Elvira unknowingly pregnant at the end of the film.  Then Tony is killed and Elvira finds out that she is pregnant.  And the movie follows the life of the baby growing up in Miami and becoming a drug lord.
  6. Scarface-618x412A remake (separate from a sequel) is still being discussed today. The latest script being discussed, is set to be in modern day Los Angeles featuring a Mexican immigrant.  Some of the rumors for this latest script include elements from both the 1932 version of Scarface as well as the 1983 version.
  7. Manny_in_karManolo was offered the role without even auditioning for the role. He is also the only true Cuban in the cast.
  8. John-Travolta-photos-562x381And speaking of Manolo, the original casting preference for the character was John Travolta!  The producers did the correct thing in casting Steven Bauer instead.
  9. 700c05c4f13bada1c76577137cdb3f7aHere is another original character casting that didn’t happen:  Robert Deniro as Tony.  Just think, Deniro as Scarface and John Travolta as Manolo…….would have been a disaster.
  10. 74377-1532336916The TV version of Scarface is actually a full half hour shorter than the theatrical version.  To be more specific, the TV version is 32 minutes shorter.



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