6 nba players that are trying to comeback for the 2021 season

LaMarcus Aldridge

Just last month headlines appeared that former power forward LaMarcus Aldridge was contemplating an NBA comeback this summer. Aldridge was signed to the Brooklyn Nets for a short time before medical issues forced an early retirement. Doctors have apparently have cleared him to return to the court, which if he does officially decide to return, look for the Nets to be first in line.

Kenneth Faried

Remember Kenneth Faried who played for the Denver Nuggets? Well, the former forward is attempting a comeback this year after being out of the NBA for almost three full seasons. The Portland Trailblazers put him on their summer league roster and Faried did play some minutes in Las Vegas. Faried did thank the Blazers for the opportunity to play in Las Vegas and that was the last update on his career. There definitely is a chance that Faried does join the Blazers, he just has a lot of competition from his summer league teammates.

Jared Sullinger

Here’s another forward you may have forgotten about the last few years. Former Boston Celtic Jared Sullinger has been logging minutes in the CBA and in South Korea the past five years, and has been waiting for a call back to the NBAthe entire time. He pretty much dominated in China and had a few monster games that made headlines in the international basketball news. He recently as lost a lot of weight, so this offseason may be this is his lucky year.

Michael Beasley

Just when you thought you may not hear the name Michael Beasley again, his name pops up out of nowhere. The Portland Trailblazers extended a summer league offer, to which he accepted. Even though Beastly happens to be one of the oldest participating in summer league, he still played solid minutes and put up decent numbers. Beasley took to social media recently to thank the Blazers for the opportunity to play in summer league. As of now, there are no indications that the Blazers or any other time will sign Beasley to the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see if any teams puts Beasley on their team in the next few weeks.

Jimmer Fredette

This is an interesting one as Fredette has mulled over returning to the NBA before. If Fredette does officially get put on an NBA roster, expect him to be a bench player getting limited minutes. Fredette was set to play in the summer league but had to cancel at the last minute. We will have to see if anyone offers him a private workout in the next few week or if he officially holds one himself. If he stays in the CBA, he is treated as if he Michael Jordan and is worshipped by many crazed basketball fans in the country. Many critics have said that maybe Fredette is just not good enough to be on an NBA roster, which could be part of the motivation to try and return. Which would you choose, sitting on the bench for the Orlando Magic or being a hero in another country?

Lance Stephenson

This off season is not much different from last season. Lance Stephenson is attempting yet another NBA comeback this season. He was not offered any summer league offers and is not currently been signed to a contract of any length at this point. He did play minutes in China last year and had signed a one year 4-million dollar deal. What he does have are a bunch of videos of himself playing basketball on social media which may get to the right eyes. Lance did hold a private workout for representatives of the Nuggets, Nets, 76ers and Bucks in Las Vegas last week. You know that even though no representatives from the Lakers were there, Lance hopes the Lakers will give him a spot over anyone else.

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