5 NBA players Most likely to retire this off season

Marc Gasol- It will be interesting to see what happens to Marc Gasol at the end of this season. Gasol has been averaging about 20 minutes per game this with the Los Angeles Lakers this season. But with the acquisition of Andre Drummond in the past month, those numbers may plummet. Given that the 36-year-old has been an all star and does have a ring on his resume, retirement may be on the table. Marc will most likely follow in the footsteps of his brother and log one last farewell in Spain before hanging them up for good.

Udonis Haslem- Yes its true, Haslem is still officially on the Miami Heat roster. Even though he only played in 4 games last season and has not seen any action this year, Haslem is on the roster. Haslem only gave the Heat a commitment for this season, so the odds are that he will call it a career at 40 this summer. Expect the Heat to find a full time position for the forward in the front office or in player development.

Jared Dudley- The Lakers only signed Dudley to a one year deal last off season. Dudley is seen more a bench “presence” than anything else and has gotten less playing time this year than last year. He has not started any games and averages less than a point per game. It is very unlikely the Lakers (or anyone for that matter) will sign him again for the 2021-2022 season. Dudley will be most likely to be forced to retire given there will be no suitors.

Taj Gibson- There is a 50/50 chance that Taj Gibson retires this season. After 11 years in the NBA, Gibson will only be a New York Knick until the end of this season and then he hits the free agent market. Given the Knicks have been having success with their youth movement, it’s possible this might be the end for Gibson. Or it’s also possible, due to the success the Knicks have had this year, they may try and run back their roster for next season.

Anthony Tolliver- You might not even know who Tolliver is, even though he has been playing in the NBA for the last 13 seasons. Tolliver just recently extended by the Philadelphia 76ers on a second 10-day contract. It’s looking like the Sixers will keep Tolliver for the post season as a back up but it doesn’t seem likely past that. Will Tolliver get a chance next season to play? At 35 seems unlikely, but if Tolliver can help the Sixers in the playoffs, someone might actually give him the call.

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