5 NBA COACHES that could Still play in the nba

Evan Turner- Evan Turner just got a gig as an assistant coach for the Boston Celtics this year, specializing in player development. Turner was drafted as the second pick just 10 years ago by the Philadelphia 76ers and was playing until last season. The only 32-year old has been getting high praise from the Celtics staff for his basketball insight. If all else fails, maybe the Celtics can suit him up to get some buckets off the bench.

Amare Stoudemire- Amare Stoudemire, currently one of the Brooklyn Nets assistant coaches, could play in the NBA right now. For sure, no doubts whatsoever. 100%. Amare played in Isreal last year and was still throwing it down and grabbing rebounds over guys 15 years younger. Amare still has it for sure, so if the Nets endure any injuries to any of their big men, they should just put a uniform on him instead of looking anywhere else.

Steve Nash- You just knew that this one was going to follow Amare. There have been plenty of videos surfacing this year of new Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash working out with Kevin Durant and other Nets players. At 44 year olds, it clear that his skills are still up to par. The only question remains is how strong is the motor? Could the motor survive the current NBA? Given that he still can hang with the players during workouts, we think we could do it.

Tiago Splitter- If there is one thing the NBA is lacking these days are some tough rebounders and interior defenders. Now, let’s not get things mixed up, Tiago Splitter was no Dikembe Mutombo. But Splitter could play solid defense and was a serviceable rebounder for his years with the San Antonio Spurs. He’s been an assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets for the past two seasons, and if you see him on the sidelines, you can tell he’s still in shape and could atleast get 10 minutes a game for someone out there.

Keyon Dooling- This last spot came down to Caron Butler and Keyon Dooling. While its been less time since Butler has been in the NBA than Dooling, if you see Dooling these days, it looks like he hasn’t gained any weight since his playing days. Dooling just got hired by the Utah Jazz as an assistant coach, but it looks like if someone gave him the rock, he could burn some minutes even at age 40 as a back up point guard. Although, if you give Caron Butler some time to get back into playing shape, we bet he could do the same.

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