10 Former NBA players Looking to make a comeback for the 2020-2021 season

Larry Sanders- The 31 year-old former forward spoke earlier this off-season about his desire to still play NBA basketball. Since leaving the game years ago, Sanders has played in the G League and even some time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs ultimately felt off court issues got into the way of his playing and did not bring him back. Sanders says he still feels great to play and would love to contribute to NBA team. He is still a fan favorite in Milwaukee, so don’t be surprised if a Bucks deal does happen in the future.

Tyler Dorsey- Tyler Dorsey is currently under contract to play in Isreal the next two years, but has been itching for a chance to return back to the NBA. One thing that Dorsey has going for him over other NBA hopefuls is that he is only 24 years old. He is not one of these former NBA players who are in their 30s trying to make a comeback. Dorsey has a lot of good years ahead of him. Dorsey did put up solid numbers in the Euroleague last season, so there is a good chance that an NBA or even G-League team may come calling for his services. Or, maybe his former team, the Grizzlies will give him another shot.

Terrance Jones- Former Kentucky Wildcat wingman Terrance Jones played his last official NBA ball back with Rockets in 2019. The Rockets had him under a short 10-day contract which they did not renew. Jones has been spending his time since in the Philippines averaging prime Michael Jordan numbers. Jones has posted plenty of his indivdual workouts online hoping to get a call from an NBA team.

Darren Collison- Collison did retire in 2019, but after being seen at a Lakers game, not only was there speculation that Collison would be returning, but that Collison would be signing with the Lakers. Although the Collison to Lakers deal never did happen, and Collison did not sign with any other NBA team, he has not completely ruled out a return for the 20-21 season.

Jeremy Lin- Lin spent last year logging minutes for the Beijing Ducks of the CBA. This off season Lin has been stuck at a crossroads: either re-sign with a CBA team, or wait it out and see if there are any free agent offers in the NBA. Since the NBA is expected to start in the next few weeks, Lin will have to decide fairly quickly. We do already know one thing, and thats that Lin would prefer to play in the NBA this season. Stayed tuned to see if it does…….

Lance Stephenson- There are two things Lance Stephenson is looking to do with his near future: fight Jake Paul and sign with an NBA team. Stephenson was supposed to sign a deal with the Indiana Pacers back in March as the pandemic went global, but the players association refused any players to come back from playing overseas. Stephenson has been in the US training the last few months and hopes he can find a roster slot with the Pacers again. Oh, yeah all that and now after Jake Paul destroyed Nate Robinson, Lance wants a shot also.

Joe Johnson- Even though “Iso Joe” has not played in an NBA game in almost two years and is nearing 40 years old, there are NBA scouts who feel Joe Johnson still has an NBA spot somewhere. There were a bunch of NBA scouts following him during the TBT Tournament on ESPN, and many feel with the right team, Joe could still come in and contribute. Joe has mentioned recently that he still is in playing shape and will consider an opportunity to return if presented with one.

Pau Gasol- There wasn’t a lot of buzz this past season of Pau Gasol making an NBA return. Everything got kick started by a viral video of Gasol playing basketball a few weeks ago. Since then, the rumors have just snowballed. It is obvious that Gasol does have some left in the tank to play. With brother Marc signing with the Lakers and coincidentally the Lakers having two roster spots free, you can guess to which team these rumors have been.

Shane Larkin- Here is something you may not know: Shane Larkin is ranked the number 1 player in the Euroleague for the upcoming season. Are you surprised by that one? Dont be. Larkin last year played as Euroleague best player while shattering many records in the process. Larkin does have an NBA-out clause on his contract, so if the right team comes calling he is coming back home. Given his current averages, its safe to say that probably will happen at some point this season.

Isiah Thomas- The last major update on Isiah Thomas is that he had full hip surgery in March this year. Right before then he had been dealt to the Clippers, but the Clippers cut him before he saw any playing time. Thomas has shut down critics the past few months for saying he’s a “broken” version of his former self. Thomas says that is definitely not the case and he is ready to contribute to an NBA team. Many fans think a return to the Celtics would be a fitting storyline, the only problem there is the Celtics are completely jammed at the guard position at this point.

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