New Jay-Z Book Released “Jay-Z & All His Enemies”

A new Jay-Z book hit the online book shelves recently, titled “Jay-Z and All His Enemies”. The author of this book, T.B. Capella, digs deep into Jay-Z’s career, but just in one category: his enemies. Hova has been in the rap game officially since 1996, so that’s alot of people to cover in almost a quarter century. There is the whole rap war with Queensbridge MC Nas, all the attacks from the Dipset, the attacks from the late rapper 2Pac and all the attacks from rappers who aren’t even rapping anymore. Oh, its all those things and everyone else who ever took a shot at him. And if Jay-Z dissed them, then its in here. This is not a Jay-Z life story or a book on all his business successes, this is about one thing: disses. Its interesting to look back and see some of the battles he has endured, and the end result for most of them is same. Jay-Z winning. If you happen to be a big Jay-Z fan, then this book is a must get.

The printed book and kindle version are available on now.

Purchase link:

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