5 NBA Players Working On A Comeback

Hasheem Thabeet- hasheemthabeet.jpg

Its crazy to think that Thabeet was the number 2 pick exactly 10 years ago.  When he was drafted, coaches and scouts saw Thabeet as a big time rim protector.  Now we all know what happened to his career, and Thabeet was out of the NBA in just a few years.  He has since logged time in the D-League and put up big numbers in Japan.  He has been working his way back to the NBA the last two years and has been spending a lot of time working on his jumpshot.  Thabeet claims the game has changed since he was drafted and is trying to adjust his game to the current state of the NBA.

Hakim Warrick- warrickWarrick hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2012-2013, but he still believes that he is capable of burning minutes on an NBA roster.  Warrick did spend the past year in the G-League getting solid production for a 36-year old forward.  Warrick was never an expensive contract during his playing days, so if everything aligns, there may be just a tiny chance that an NBA team may want him to play some minutes and be a veteran presence in the locker room.

Thomas Robinson- 557b83bd9e433.imageThis former Jayhawk Forward spent the last few weeks playing for the San Antonio Spurs Las Vegas Summer team.  Robinson averaged 8 points and almost 7 rebounds in limited minutes for the Spurs.  The former lottery pick spent just four years in the NBA before playing games overseas and in the G-League.  Robinson is hoping that he can make the final roster of an NBA team this fall at the veteran minimum.  Robinson is currently only 29 years old.

Jarret Jack- jarrett-jack-300-300Jarret Jack was working on an NBA comeback just four months ago before tearing his ACL and spraining his MCL.  The 35-year old former Golden State Warrior was assigned to the G-League Pelicans this past winter with hopes of working his way back to a NBA roster.  His injury did shut him down for the rest of the season, but Jack is still considering a return once his knew has healed for the 2020 season.

Josh Smith- HWK_Play11_R1G2b_05cThis former shot blocker and slam dunk king is currently spending his days playing in Ice Cube’s Big3 League.  After a practice this past week, Smith was asked about playing in the current NBA (he hasn’t played since 2017 when the New Orleans Pelicans waived him).  He said he is considering a comeback, but only for the right team.  Smith wants to play on an already established team where his services wouldn’t be so heavily relied upon.  The two teams he mentioned considering playing for:  The Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers.

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