5 Draft Picks That Should Stay In College Another Year

Bruno Fernando- maryland-fernandoBruno is in interesting draft pick this year.  Earlier on in the season, Bruno was listed as high as pick number four in the mock drafts behind originally Zion, Rj Barrett and Cam Reddish.  After a poor showing at March Madness this year, we have seen Bruno fall as far as the last pick in the mock drafts the past couple days.  Should Bruno go higher than the last pick?  Absolutely.  Bruno has a lot of upside to his game and with the right coach and team strategy could flourish in the pros.  We feel though, that another season at Maryland could help shape his game and cement his as a top 10 pick in next year’s draft.

Cam Reddish- i

So, Cam is going to be a lottery pick whether or not he waits another year.  Current NBA mocks have him being selected anywhere from the 6th to 10th pick.  Now, that might change in the next few weeks depending on his own individual team workouts and other player’s draft combine performances.  He may end up being picked top 5 or may slide out of the lottery, time will tell.  To us, Cam is a top 4 talent in college basketball.  This year and for the 2020 draft.  His talent and his long term potential put him as a top 4 player in the nation.  Did he show that this year?  Not really and if you dig into his numbers, the numbers are not all that impressive.  We know that he can do better than what his stats showed this year.  Duke should have won the title this year, and although the loss is not entirely his fault, he had a poor last game.  We think Cam should stick around this year, raise his shooting percentage and have a great 2019-2020 season, and be a top 2 pick nest year.

Nassir Little- Nassir-LittleAs of now, Nassir is pegged to go right outside the lottery right now.  If Nassir stays at UNC and has a strong sophomore year, he could jump into a possible top 5 pick next year.  Does it really matter if Nassir is picked at 12 this year or picked number 4 in the 2020 draft?  Not really.  We just think that Nassir could have just shown us just a little more this year at UNC.  We believe he can player better and feel that another season at UNC will help speed up his development.

Rui Hachimura- Rui-Hachimura-500x667Scouts are split on just how good Rui will be as an NBA player.  Some scouts feel that Rui has achieved everything he can in college and should move up to the next level without any difficulties.  Other scouts though, feel Rui should hang back at Gonzaga another year and develop more of an over all game as he will have to change his game in the pros.  Rui basically dominated the paint in college as a 6-8 power forward, but probably will not be able to do that at the next level.  Another year at Gonzaga to perfect an outside jumper, might enhance his long term potential as an NBA player.

Jalen McDaniels- McDaniels_Jalen

McDaniels hasn’t said yet if he will declare or not for the 2019 NBA Draft.  The consensus seems to be at this point that he will enter the draft and end up in the end of the first round.  Some aren’t as sold on Jalen because of his defensive limitations and have him being drafted deep in the second round.  We love Jalen, and Jalen flew under the radar this year while putting up solid numbers.  At one point during the season, it seemed as if McDaniels was improving every single week.  If Jalen does stick around for another year and performs even better this year, we feel that he could be a lottery selection in the 2020 draft.

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