10 American Players Who Are Killing It Overseas

While their names are not Lebron, KD or The Greek Freak, they all have the skills to dominate a top professional league somewhere in the globe.  All of these players played their high school and college ball in the US, but for one reason or another, did not get that official long term contract the NBA.  Here are 10 American players that you may not have heard of before ……..

Armin Cane-  4f3de1ea86f04.imageWe start the list with this New Jersey guard who played his college ball at Stockton.  The 6-2 guard is currently leading Finland in scoring and steals with 39 and 4.

Kendall Anthony-  anthony-kendallHere is an interesting one.  Kendall Anthony, who played his college ball at University in Richmond is currently leading Iceland in points and assists with 32 and 8 per game.  What’s the big deal about that?  Well, he’s only 5’8.

Kevin Allen- 56346b7b1c0e5.imageThis 6’11 Center has been averaging Shaq-like numbers in Romania this year, leading the country in points and rebounds.  The Michigan native has been averaging 30 points and 17 rebounds a game.

Pierre Jackson- pierre-jackson-slamming-nba-balls-on-court-basketball-2015Pierre Jackson just happens to be the only player scoring more points than Jimmer Fredette in China this year.  The 5’11 point guard from Baylor is currently getting 40 points a game.

Lamar Paterson- lamar-patterson-kingsLamar Paterson has the highest scoring average of anyone in the world right now.  The swingman who played college ball in Pittsburgh (and had a short stint with the Atlanta Hawks) is averaging 45.2 points in China’s NBL league.

Dermaine Crockrell-  Crockrell_UMary_0067Here is another player averaging 45 points per game on the other side of the world.  Dermaine Crockrell, who is from Arizona, is in India right now lighting it up and snatching the ball with 45 points and 4 steals per game.  Crockrell played in India last year with similar numbers.

Brian Voelkel-  BrianVoelkelHere’s another crazy stat line from former University of Vermont forward Brian Voelka: 17 rebounds, 9 assists and 2.6 steals a game.  He is leading all of those categories in Japan this year.

Ran Andre Pehka- 5372_kaspar_kuusmaa Not an American, but we included this guy on the list because of buckets he is getting in Estonia.  This local Estonian point guard is averaging 45 points and 6 assists a game.  Get this, last year he had a PER of 40!

Anthony Allen-  anthonyallenAnthony Allen, who played college ball at OSU with Celtic’s guard Marcus Smart makes this list, but not from scoring points.  Allen is playing in Thailand now averaging 18 boards and 5 blocks per game.




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