Brooklyn Street One Step Away From Being Christopher Wallace Way


It’s been five-plus years in the making, but a street in Brooklyn, New York will be able to put up the Christopher Wallace Way sign soon.  The Brooklyn Community Board Two gave its approval to honor the deceased rapper Notorioud B.I.G. by co-naming his old street in his name.  The notorious rapper’s old apartment which he grew up in with his mother Voletta, has always been a spot for selfies and a spot pinned on several maps, but now will be getting the highest honor possible.  Christopher Wallace Way just needs to be passed by the city council and then it’s official.

Some members of the community and the board were opposed to co-naming the street to a person who has had a long rap sheet in life.  But in the end, members saw the positive aspects of the rapper’s success and the influence he has had on millions around the globe.

Brooklyn is expected to represent as it always does for it’s most famous MC.  Christopher Wallace Way will be officially marked on St. James Place between Fulton Street and Gates Street.


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