What A Lakers Joe Hammond Jersey Would Have Looked Like


Legendary Harlem streetballer Joe Hammond never did play in the NBA.  In fact, he never played in college or even in high school.  The 9th grade drop out made his name on the blacktop by destroying some of the NBA finest, who thought they we were good enough to play one-on-one against the Destroyer.  After destroying then-Lakers player Pat Riley (yes, that Pat Riley) in a game of one-on-one, the Lakers offered Hammond a one year deal in 1971 worth 50,000 bucks.  Joe had made more many than that in the streets and told the Lakers no.  The Lakers never came back to Hammond with a better offer, and that was as close as Hammond got to the NBA.  The ABA was practically begging him to play for them, but also refuted those offers.  He did have a short lived stint in the EBA (Eastern Basketball Association) and wore #5 for the Allentown Jets.

Joe never did get to officially put on a Lakers jersey, but this is what it would have looked like in 1971.

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