5 Sneakers We Want Brought Back in 2018

We here at Picasso Baby love blogging about hip-hop, sports (more specifically basketball) cars and other current issues that we find interesting.  This here is our very first sneaker post.  To kick this off, we came up with a very dear list of shoes that we had back in the day and fell in love with.  We hand picked shoes that have not been brought back (atleast not to our knowledge, and if we are wrong please let us know).  We were huge fans of Vince back in the day when he was younger, so he has multiple slots on this list.  So here it is, the shoes we would love to see back for the first time in 2018.

Vince Carter Pumas- 67263b346745aea5c17e22bcf01ab957We have been trying to get our hands on a deadstock pair of any good VC Puma’s but cant seem to locate a pair.  We have found some crappy used pairs, but nothing ever completely dead stock.  Vince Carter signed with Puma in his rookie year instead of with Nike, and many of his iconic dunks from his first two seasons are done with the Pumas on his feet.  Look at his early highlight reels from Toronto and you will see these classic Pumas we are talking about about 4 feet off the groud.  We feel Puma should definitely look into releasing these again, with Vince’s career winding down now.  And if any of you can find a deadstock size 12 of these, please get at us.

Vince Carter BB4- BB4 CropThe BB4 is such a badass sneaker.  They were so hot at the time, that Nike even had them on NikeID for a short time.  There couldn’t have been a better marriage between sneaker technology and athlete than the Shox and Vince Carter.  The Shox technology was not invented because of VC, but it could have been that way.  No one, and we mean no one in history could jump and throw it down like Vince.  Mike couldn’t even throw it down as good.  Close, maybe, but not better.  What better player to introduce and promote a technology of springs and bouncing than the all-time greatest dunker and vertical jumper?  The 2000 Olympic version of this shoe (the one he threw down the greatest dunker ever in) was released a few years ago, but its time for Nike to bring this one back with more colorways.

Lebron IV- Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks

Its hard to believe that its been a whole decade since Lebron was playing in these kicks.  Well, to get technical, Lebron wore them in the 2006-2007 season, so as 2018 is upon us, its actually going to be 11 years soon.  This was Lebron’s first line of shoes that he really went crazy experimenting with different Player Exclusive versions.  There must be over 20 PEs in this line.  Given that we absolutely love the Lebron IV and that it is our favorite Lebron shoe, we think the IV is due for a big remix.  Lebron went to his first finals that year, and its an understatement to say that ALOT has happened since then, so we think there are alot great things/concepts that could be incorporated in the Lebron IV Remix for 2018.

Converse Aero Jet Original- 4731684716_7413d8fc11_bSo Converse has retroed these in the last few years, they just happened to retro the wrong shoe.  The original Converse Aero Jet, the one with the react juice pouch is the one everyone wants to come back.  Why did Converse go an retro the second version of the shoe, which was way less popular and cool at the time is anyone’s guess.  We certainty don’t know why.  We are looking (and have been for a while) for the original Converse react juice to come back.  These are so rare these days, that we couldn’t even find a real good picture of them anywhere.  Grandmama wore these for an entire season and we still can’t find a picture of them. In the end, the juice didn’t probably move in any direction, but it was still dope as hell.  Its been about 25 years too long, so we waiting for the original white and teals to come back.  Please, Converse, Please!!

Air Jordan 2009 S23- air-jordan-2009-2k9-s23-black-metallic-gold-release-update-1Some of you are gonna hate this pick, but we think its time for this one to come back.  The S23 was originally released in February of 2009, and although the numbers were limited and the shoe did sell out (which its possible could have sold out only because it was limited) they were not super-popular.  There weren’t many players playing in any games with them on, and it wasn’t a shoe you saw celebrities wearing around.  There was one or two more colorways released, but they fared even worse.  We love the shoe, and actually think the tuxedo shoe is perfect as it is, it should be brought back in its original color scheme of all black with the hologram on the side.

What shoes do you want to see back for the first time in 2018?



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