Can Mo Bamba Touch The Top Of The Backboard?

Can Mo Bamba touch the top of the backboard, which is 13 feet off the ground?  We don’t legitimately ask this question too often, but Bamba’s dunk from the other day really got us thinking that he can probably do it.  So to start, incase you didn’t see the incredible dunk or a picture of it, here it is:


Yup, he did that just the other night.  The 7’1 freshman was dribbling up court when he saw a clear path to the basket and threw down this dunk.  ESPN measured him at 12’6 which comes from eye-balling the picture and measuring from there, so it could be accurate or maybe off.  Someone else would have to get up that high to know!  Which would require a tall ladder for everyone not named Mo Bamba.  Mo Bamba didn’t seem to be struggling much on the dunk, infact he did dunk with someone in the way, so if no one was in his path he could have possibly got up even further.

We would like to see someone stack four quarters on the top of the backboard Earl Manigault style and see if Mo Bamba can snatch them off on a good day.  Seriously, what are they feeding these kids these days?

Do you think he could do it?

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